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AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Do you see it?

The inability to make actual sense out of the campaigns for President as being presented by the current candidates for the Democratic nomination?

In one tall promise, after one false illusion, after one false offense, behind one false premise, made by even arguably fake candidates, Decision 2020 is becoming a laughingstock of historical measure.

It’s been impossible to keep track of the fakery.

Joe Biden issuing a fake apology, for fake indignation over fake outrage concerning false “respect” that he did or did not show some who held racist views forty years ago is just the latest example.

Then cut to a camera shot of Kamala Harris insisting the fake penance for the fake crime wasn’t sincere enough and you compound the fakery even further.

Democratic candidates are creating fake economic scenarios for their speeches to attempt to pass on fake concern for an economy that is at present more sound than any of the modern era. They are invoking fake images of Americans out of work in their speeches. Note: There are more jobs currently available than American citizens to fill them.

They seize upon fake scenarios, of fake families, seeking fake asylum, and attempting to place fake guilt on gullible Americans who are busy paying their bills.

They ignore the fake claims of coyotes attempting to pass themselves off as fathers to children they are not related to.

They take at face value any story they hear on the southern border while conducting their carefully crafted (fake) compassion PR visits. But they label as fake any claim by Border Patrol or ICE Agents that seem to indicate that some of the detainees might not be on the up and up.

Of course, the country they seem to be campaigning for also doesn’t exist.

Beto O’Rourke “campaigned” for President in Mexico. 


He wasn’t running for the Presidency of Mexico. But who campaigns to be President of the United States in Ciudad Juarez—amongst and to people who are not allowed to vote?

Then there are all of the fake policies they are touting. 

As though just saying something makes it happen, they all promised real health care to the fake crisis of non-citizens' fake needs for access to American health insurance.

They are outraged over the fake issue of “police brutality” (lowest levels in history.) They slander other law enforcement like ICE with fake claims of abuse.

They take fake tours of detention facilities (the Democratic caucus tour of one facility barely involved any time inside the actual facility.) And when Hispanic pastors toured—in totality—the same place they had none of the same observations that the Democrats had made.

The “Green New Deal” provides a fake solution to a yet undetermined issue of whether climate change can be impacted by man’s actions. Infanticide being legalized now allows fake abortions (or murders) to be committed once a child is outside it’s mother’s body. And unlimited access to women’s locker rooms now allows fake women to compete against women, break women’s records, and snatch up women’s scholarships. And why? For the fake reason that someone’s emotions prefer to fake a sex.

They show fake indignation at legitimate progress in engaging North Korea to give up it’s nukes.

They hold to fake outrage over Russia’s attempt to interfere in the 2016 election. They do so even though their leader at the time—President Obama—told them it was fake news that Russia could ever try to influence America’s election process.

They took that fake narrative to FISA court judges and told fake stories of fake threats to get fraudulent warrants on an opposing Presidential campaign.

They did so on a fake dossier that was filled with fake facts, stories, events, people, and outcomes.

They have been attempting to conduct a fake impeachment in the committees in the House of Representatives. 

They tried to take down one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees in the history of jurisprudence, over fake stories, from people that even looked and felt fake to most Americans. 

They scream “fake” when the current President acts in a legitimate fashion. (Trade, Iran, Russia.)

They scream “liar” when they get called out for their fakery.

They prefer the “fake news” as opposed to factual news.

They've even exalted fake Republicans into high levels of commentary and contribution within the media.

The willingness to traffic in all things fake is very much on display this very minute. If I was a Democratic donor (a real rube), I’d be ticked that the level of non-substance, false alarmism, and fake wokeness has gotten us out of hand. In doing so, however, I’d have to admit that there was another side to this story.

Like the real world in Stranger Things, when all involved leave the upside down—there is a real America, celebrating real success, with real substantive improvements.

No fakes necessary!

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