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In barely 15 days the most important midterm election of our lifetime will be underway. 

It's bearing a remarkable similarity to the 2016 presidential election, only we know the president’s not on the ballot.



Don’t tell him! He’s working every bit as hard in 2018 for a bunch of incumbents, some of whom were ungrateful jackweeds toward him just two years ago. 

Yet there he is going to state after state—drawing the biggest crowds imaginable—all for the good of others.

It’d be one thing if he had nothing else to do. But this guy has everyone from North Korea to Russia believing we are ready to bust up every nuke treaty necessary to get America back on an even footing. He’s got trade imbalances coming back into our favor. He’s got an economy that may exceed a 5% GDP this year (which his predecessor proudly stated once, “something that will never happen again.”) Don’t even start with how low the unemployment numbers are, or how much wages have grown.

Reports from those closest to him indicate that he is as calm and nonplussed by all the pressure of the office as someone on vacation.

Terrorists are on the run, ISIS is destroyed, Iran is on notice, and even the Saudis are now having to do deep soul searching to stay in his good grace.

Stacking the courts with 84 District, Circuit, and Supreme Court picks has redirected the entire future of Constitutional jurisprudence. 

Oh yeah don’t forget about the opioid issue, or prison reform.

At this stage of the game his predecessor had accomplished but one thing. Obamacare. Which Trump has also dismantled.

Want to play a fun game in a blue state this week? Ask someone what the No. 1 issue for Democrats is. What’s one policy message that they’ve gotten together, put the research in, and come out with a coherent proposal for. 


I do it with callers to my show as well as people on the street. It’s hilarious, they are so focused on hating the president that most of them don’t even realize that the Democrats are actually offering zero by way of policy proposals.

They are so heavily banking on the “Trump is Evil” meme it’s like they didn’t even bother preparing for this election cycle.

Some of them will stupidly utter, “To undo everything Trump has done.”

Oh that should work well. Take jobs away? Increase regulation? Raise taxes? Weaken our resolve, our borders, and our national security?

But seriously—think on it for yourself—have you seen or heard one plausible idea in terms of policy that Democrats have articulated?

The closest I’ve seen is in the Senate races in New York and New Jersey where candidates have specifically mentioned getting the SALT exemptions for federal taxes expanded. 

But alas—it has been the Republican candidates saying it—not the Dems. 

The president isn’t on the ballot, but he’s literally saturated through every layer of this election. 

And back to the comparison of 2016, for the previous year poll after poll had predicted that Hillary would soundly defeat the upstart challenger in Trump.

Then he went to work rallying voters and talked about jobs to rust belt workers who candidly had been told by the previous president that their jobs would never be returning.


This year, starting in January, the polls showed that he was going to lose a crushing defeat in the House and the Senate was on the verge of collapse.

But now he’s going work, rallying the voters and reminding them of what’s at stake. And he's doing so against the headwinds. Doing so in this cycle entirely on behalf of House and Senate candidates who need his help far more than anything they could ever repay.

And it looks like it’s working.

The only poll that matters is the one on November 6.

The networks are planning coverage to rival that of a presidential year—as they should.

For like 2016, network anchors most likely will be sitting stone faced in utter disbelief that he did it again. 

For while the Democratic Party and the nation’s news media still haven’t figured out the American voter and what they face, Trump has, and what you’re seeing is historic in accomplishment and scope.

America likes it.

And she will say so in 15 days.

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