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We Have to Stop Joe Biden

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It’s official. President Joe Biden is running for re-election and taking Vice President Kamala Harris along with him. 

In only two years at the White House, Biden has caused enormous damage to the country, threatened U.S. national security and weakened America throughout the world with his disastrous foreign policy. 


In his re-election video, Biden claims he’s standing up for the freedoms of Americans. Reality and Biden’s actions tell a different story. 

Biden has repeatedly targeted political opponents with the full force of the federal government and violated the fundamental rights of Americans. He’s destroyed the economy with sky-high inflation, implemented Marxist policies in the mortgage system (which will lead to another housing crisis) and forced hardworking Americans to pay off the student debt of wealthy degree holders. He’s made it a habit of tearing down fundamental American values about hard work and personal responsibility. All of this while partnering with his son Hunter to sell out the country to foreign adversaries. 

Biden talks about freedom, yet he’s targeting your Second Amendment rights with calls for gun bans and by signing executive orders. Government bureaucrats, with his endorsement, have violated the First Amendment through Big Tech censorship. Not to mention his efforts to fire thousands of Americans after they said no thank you to an ineffective vaccine. 

Since taking office in January 2021, Townhall has been holding President Biden and his administration accountable. While most in the media endorse his policies, we expose them. 


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