CNN Attacks Christian Poland

Posted: Jul 07, 2017 9:03 AM
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CNN Attacks Christian Poland

Failing CNN, not content with attacking the president of the United States with fake news stories while ignoring the Fast and Furious, illegal immigration, and Benghazi deaths caused by the Obama/Clinton regime, had to attack one of the greatest nations on earth; Christian, Catholic Poland.

During President Trump’s second overseas trip CNN published a series of articles critical of President Trump. One of the articles concluded that Poland was an oppressive regime.

CNN’s attack on Poland is not due to this so-called repression, which is false anyway, but because Poland was, and still is, one of the most conservative and one of the most Christian nations on Earth.

First the “repression.”  This stems from the fight over government run media.  Poland has both private and public media, as we have in America.  The left wing, and government run, media has attacked traditional Polish institutions such as the Catholic Church and conservative thought without end.  The current Polish government has said they have had enough of this and are aiming for more balanced state run media.  CNN calls this repressive while never saying Poland was repressive under the state run media of recent that was much more liberal.

While there should not be state run large scale media, at all, in Poland or anywhere else, if it exists it should not attack the very institutions that make Poland great.  And this is what CNN hates. 

For over a thousand years Poland has been a heavily Christian nation.  In 966 she embraced Christianity and in 1656, while under attack from Russian and Swedish armies, the Virgin Mary was named “Queen and Protector of Poland” in the Lwow Oath.  Shortly thereafter, both armies were remarkably turned back.

Poland, with its beautiful plains and farms, continued as a middle ground for wars of aggression throughout Europe and was constantly divided up between other nations.  Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Soviet Russia all took their turn(s) in Poland. Still she, like Israel, rose again.

In 1966, Poland celebrated 1,000 years of Christianity, much to the dismay of the Communist authorities.  In 1978 a Polish cardinal, Karol Wojtyla, was named as Pope John Paul II. He was the first non-Italian pope in 400 years and was named as such in the middle of the Soviet led communist regime in Poland.

In 1979, Poland began the fall of communism through the nine-day visit of John Paul II. Millions of Poles turned out to chant “We want God!” and the enthusiasm was greatest amongst the young people.  Shortly thereafter, the Solidarity movement began to take shape.  The Bulgarian secret service, likely influenced by the Soviet Union, tried to kill John Paul in 1981.  He survived as did his faith partner, Ronald Reagan, who was also shot that year.  Ten years after John Paul’s visit, the Iron Curtain fell and Poland once again rose.  She was the first nation to cast off the shackles of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe.  Poland’s resurrection continues.

Like the Brexit movement in Britain, and the Trump Revolution in America, Poland has not only had enough but has begun to actively fight back against the forces of darkness that would seek to take away what has made her great.

Poland has been one of the European countries that enthusiastically supports NATO and meets it military spending benchmarks.

The conservative government supports traditional morality and encourages the role of the Church in Polish society.

Young Polish Christians, like those who cheered John Paul the Great, are saying no to the Sharia law which is engulfing much of the rest of Europe.  

And in one of the most remarkably underreported events in recent European history, Poland’s conservative government and Catholic Church ceremoniously consecrated Jesus Christ as the King of Poland late last year. 

These are the reasons that CNN hates Poland and there will be continued snubs of this great nation and people.

Poland need not worry.  She has been around a lot longer than CNN.  And the Christian Bible teaches that it is glorious to be persecuted for Jesus Christ.  It also teaches that the last shall be first and the first shall be last.  Poland, first to fight against the demonic Hitler, will be one of the last ones standing in the battle to save Western Civilization from Sharia law and its unwitting accomplice, leftist moral relativism.

In the fight against the enemies of Western Civilization, this beautiful Central and Eastern European nation will continue to be a beacon of eternal hope.  Poland will never die.

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