Beards and Plagues and Locusts for Obamacare

Posted: Apr 03, 2014 12:01 AM

Yes I realize it was an April Fools joke.

On April 1st, the White House announced the formation of the President's Council on Beards.

Ha, ha... huh?

“Today,” wrote the White House website for April Fools, “President Obama announced the creation of the President's Council on Beards, a committee of volunteer citizens and officials dedicated to honoring our nation's history, and promoting men's health and wellness.”

With accuracy only possible by top secret radio frequency materials provided by the NSA, these beared guys have missed the mark by a long way.

Glad to see that they took time out from their War on Women to promote men's health.

Do they even know any real men?

Since the administration can't seem to operate even the first step in providing Americans affordable healthcare-- like a website-- I guess were all just supposed to grow out our beards, like the prophets from ancient times.

Perhaps along the way somebody can loan me a staff so I can help Obama make the waters recede too.

After all the snafus and mistakes and bad intentions on healthcare reform from this administration, I'm waiting for a plague of frogs and locusts-- with water running red out of the jugs-- to be discovered in a hidden codicil of Obamacare.

Meanwhile the head of the Democrats says there is no legislation she can think of off offhand to fix Obamacare:

“No--nothing glaring,” DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz when asked if she had any fixes to Obamacare on her radar. “I'm not saying there aren't problems, but there's always going to be ticks in a law that arise and what we should be doing is sitting down and working those out.”

What a joke…on you.

While fire in Ukraine still rages, the Middle East spirals out of control and Obamacare remains the worst legislation ever passed in the history of man, it's wholly fitting that the White House decided to author another joke yesterday.

That the taxpayers would foot the bill for it provides the administration with both consistency and the usual inappropriateness we've come to expect from the Do-Nothingest and Know-Nothingest president ever.

Because this administration has been nothing but a joke from the outset.

Remember when liberals put out the false narrative at the beginning of the administration that it was just so smart, so capable, so historic, so African-American that comedians would have trouble finding ways to make fun of it?

So um… can the administration please sit in the corner while the adults take over?

Because this isn't funny anymore.

At a time when even the Keynesian economists from the Federal Reserve Bank are acknowledging that unemployment is far worse and more persistent than the official numbers would suggest, wouldn't it be more appropriate if Obama's fake jobs council got together and actually did something, you know, to create jobs, rather than start a fake council on beards?

On second thought, perhaps I should be grateful.

At least this is a joke that they meant, I think.

Kind of like Joe Biden.

Joe Biden can never be a joke that you don't mean.

It's Joe Biden after all.

But here's the problem with that hypothesis: When you go through a list of the administration’s achievements, policies and intentions, it's hard to get a handle on what they meant to do and what they didn't mean to do.

I'm not even sure the combined wisdom of those old beards Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could provide us with an adequate guide to "Obama policy and you: what they meant and what they didn't mean.”

Because every day this administration reminds me of the scene from Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure. Pee Wee is dogging it on his bicycle and, in an act of carelessness, ends up flying over the handlebars. He brushes himself off, and says dismissively: "I meant to do that."

Pee Wee was hilarious in that movie.

Our pee wee president?

Nope. Not hilarious at all.

He doesn't even have a beard.

That is if you don't count Jay Carney.