Clinton 2030: The World Will Come to an End

Posted: Sep 25, 2013 12:01 AM

The Clinton Global Initiative to Keep Hil and Bill Relevant convened in New York this week.

And there’s really, really, really bad news.

The world will come to an end in 2030.

Quick! We better elect Hillary president before the world comes to an end and we run out of the opportunity to elect the first woman president of United States. History books later would be very unkind to us if we didn’t elect her now.

“The numbers are stark,” reports CNBC on the meeting for the Society for the Preservation of the Clintons. “While the current world population of about 7 billion is projected to top 8 billion by 2030, almost all of that growth is expected to come in the developing world. That means the current population of consumers— people with more than $10 a day to spend— is expected to more than double from 1.8 billion to 4.8 billion.”

Gee, if there were just some way of keeping those people in poverty, all of our problems would be solved.

If only they had enlightened North Korean leaders like Kim Jung Um, Um, Um who makes sure his folks have no money to spend, thus doesn’t lead to that messy problem with jobs and resources.

From CNBC:

[T]he rapid expansion of the global pool of middle-class consumers is straining the world's supplies of natural resources—from energy and minerals to water and food—at a pace that would make Malthus say "I told you so."

"It's not the total number of people, it's the number in the consuming class," Fraser Thompson, a senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute, co-author of a 2011 report on resource sustainability.

All they are saying is that the world need more POOR people.

Fraser wants to go on record that no resources were consumed in making his report. Or during his life. He is not right now consuming any resources as a part of the “consuming” class.

I would say he belongs more to the “global elitist class.” And of course, we know by now that none of the regular rules apply to them.

See Obama(comma)Care.

Down with the consuming class! How dare they create jobs for the rest of us? Who do they think they are… consumers?

CNBC even included this helpful picture of a half-naked boy drinking out of a bamboo water pipe, with the headline “17 years until the Earth tapped dry?”

And all this time I thought our problem was going to be mass inundation with water because of global warming.

In fact we have to credit CNBC economics reporter, John W. Schoen: He made it all the way through the article without once mentioning global warming. Not once! Congrats dude.

Now, perhaps this is just crazy talk, but I wonder if the Clinton Global Cartel has ever explored the idea of tax increases to stop all these people from moving out of poverty. What with having all that extra money to spend on scarce resources like water and air, they seem ripe for the picking

“CGI's 2013 theme, MOBILIZING FOR IMPACT,” says the cartel’s website, “explores ways that CGI members and member organizations can be more effective in leveraging individuals, partner organizations, and key resources in their commitment efforts.”

Ah, yes: the old “leveraging people” ploy.

Well at least we know that they certainly have considered tax increases as leverage. And perhaps extortion, kidnapping and arson as leverage, as well.

Interestingly, the places that need water most are “deserts” (pictured in dark gree) according to the graphic that comes with the CNBC story. Never saw that one coming.

But it’s OK.

The Clinton Global Exploratory Initiative has a plan.

Let’s see…divide by 2…add 32…plus 2016, subtract Bush…that means that even with Two-Term Hillary, we can still get 6 years of Chelsea Clinton as president before the Mayan calendar runs out again in 2030.