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Debbie DNC and the Coalition of the Whacky

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The problem with our country right now can be summed up in a word: unions.

OK, the problems aren’t exactly unions per se.

They are just one representation of the Coalition of the Whacky that so prominently wears the union label. Democrats made the Coalition into full governing partners when they rode in to Washington town on a rainbow-colored horse in 2006 and 2008 

And Obama has made Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz their standard bearer as head of the DNC.

Democrats can’t live with them but won’t do the right thing by the rest of us in repudiating the whacky either, as even the progressive weekly in Debbie DNC's hometown seems to understand.

When asked about comments by union leader Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.- the one not currently residing in the right rear quarter panel of a Japanese automobile circa 1975- that unions “take these son of bitches out,” in reference to the Tea Party, Wasserman waffled.

Here’s the take from the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, an alternative paper in Wasserman Schultz’s district:  

On the third attempt to sucker Wasserman Schultz into standing up for Hoffa, she decided to take it out on Fox News.

"Really Gretchen?" she said. "How many times have you called out the coarse language at Tea Party rallies on this network? Almost never."

On her fourth and final attempt to give her official response, Wasserman Schultz said, "OK, my official response is that I know the American people ... like President Obama understands want us to focus on working together, want us to focus on -- when I went home, my constituents asked me to come back to Washington and help continue to get this economy turned around, that's my official response."

And to answer your questions, no, it didn't make sense on TV either, and no, we still don't know whether people are supposed to "take these son of bitches out."

And therein lies the problem for Democrats.

Should they repudiate or embrace the Coalition of the Whacky? I mean it’s one thing for private Tea Party members to vent some spleen at elected officials at rallies. It’s a whole other thing for someone named Hoffa as head of the Teamsters union to be talking about taking people out.   

As Investor’s Business Daily reported in August when an Ohio contractor “was wounded by gunfire Wednesday by a shadowy man vandalizing his SUV with union threats,” the Teamsters are the most violent union in America. When they make threats, people should listen.

From IBD.com:

According to the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, a right-to-work think tank in Washington, there have been 4,400 incidents of union violence in the last 20 years.

The Teamsters are the leading perpetrators, with 454 incidents. But IBEW, which some suspect in the King incident, is in the top 10, having engaged in 125 incidents.

All told, there have been 11,600 incidents of union violence against workers, management and the public since 1975.

Source: IBD

Unions, as we know are just whacky enough to have someone whacked. They already have the training and history for it.  

And unions like the Teamsters best represent the special interest, us-against-them mentality that’s been the dominant feature of the Obama administration. And that dominant feature of the administration is the one that is weighing so heavily on investment markets, credit markets, the job market, super markets, farmers’ markets and all the little markets now closing up along Main St.

Like most Democrat administrations, Obama’s challenge wasn’t in getting elected. The challenge he had was in governing once he got elected. Debbie DNC is not making it any easier.

So, while Obama's got another chance to try to get things right, thanks to a cooperative media, so far everyone agrees that as far as governing goes, Obama’s a no go.

The special problem that the Democrats face- and Bill Clinton was really the only Democrat to master it since Harry Truman- is that in getting elected, they had to put together a coalition that represents every whack-job policy that won’t work, by every whack-job, left wing stink-tank, while convincing center voters that they represent the opposite.

At some point reality intervenes in the life of a Democrat administration and either the whack-jobs are disappointed, or the rest of us are.

But give credit to the Obama administration. They’ve managed the rare feat of disappointing everyone on the left, right and center, a feat not accomplished since James Earl Carter accused the rest of us of not shouldering the burden for him.   

And the choice that now faces the administration as they eye another term is either to abandon the Coalition of the Whacky or embrace it even tighter.  

So far Wasserman-Schultz looks to be hanging on pretty tight to their union bag man responsible for $27,601,772 in donations to the Democrats.

And that’s the only economy Debbie DNC really cares about. Because they'll need every dime of the billions that the DNC means to spend to save the adminstration from themselves.    

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