How We Pay for Obama Failures

Posted: Jul 25, 2011 12:01 AM

Things are going great in Washington DC.  

Here are a few fun facts that taxpayers, voters and homeowners need to know while they think about the budget and debt ceiling debate:

Median sales prices of homes are going up in the DC metro area. Year over year prices are up 7.3 percent for June.  Pending sales jumped nearly 30 percent in June as well. Inventories are down and prices are up. “Buyers and sellers signed 5,124 contracts in June, the most for that month in six years,” says the June 2011 RBI Pending Home Sales Index.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, people are buying homes at the slowest rate in 14 years. Do yourself a favor and check out and look up what home prices are doing in your neighborhood. The rest of us will wait.   

By the end of the fiscal year, the federal government will have spent close to $11 trillion under President Obama. That’s more than the entire GDP of the country for 2001. And by any measure, even Obama’s friends have called his economic program a failure.

If you’re not outraged by the fact that all that $11 trillion has bought us is a payday for the Beltway, then you probably live too close to the Beltway.    

The debate that we are having now is whether to cut federal spending with or without tax increases in order to keep some of the spending intact

Any right thinking person, who wants the rest of the country to share in the type of prosperity they’re having in Washington, DC is going to opt for budget cuts without tax increases.

Crafting the solution to the debt ceiling and budget impasse is about as clear-cut a debate that the American people can have about where our government should go from here.

Should we, as a people, continue to spend money, directed by Washington bureaucrats, in the hope that they’ve cracked the code to economic prosperity? I mean prosperity for all of us, not just Washington and Wall Street.

Or should we, as we have in the past, tell Washington to go sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done, while the rest of us go about rebuilding what still can be the most dynamic economy in the world?

At the heart of the issue is freedom for us here at home, and for the rest of the world.

The American economy is not the most robust, largest, most innovative economy because we’re a big country. It’s not the investment banker to the world because we have abundant natural resources. The economy thrives because all of us are given the freedom to become what we want by the virtue of our own merit.

That’s the best head start that anyone can give a people. And believe it or not that’s the currency that gives us the most credibility in the world too. And it’s also what’s in the gravest danger from Obama.  

Obama wants to pick and choose the winners in the US economy. And judging by prosperity on Wall Street and Washington, he’s succeeded.    

So I say its way past time for finger pointing, fiery rhetoric and blame. If the GOP has a fault in this it’s that they’ve failed to adequately stress how we got to the impasse in the first place. Please GOP: more fingerpointing, fiery rhetoric and blame.  

For a handful of years and more Democrats have had things pretty much how they like them: Americans are angry and distrustful; we have nothing like an actual federal budget to work from; we’re spending money profligately until we’ve found that we’re out of money almost entirely. We have unions acting ugly and thuggly on TV almost nightly. We have a brand new war of choice to pay for too in Libya. Prices are up. Confidence is down.    

So now, into this crisis steps BHO, activated by the confidence that only true ignorance can bring, to demand that we raise taxes just to protect the Washington bureaucracy that got us into the mess in the first place.

Well I’m tired of the “shared sacrifice” that bankrupts the rest of the country while it enriches the Obama administration, the Democrats in both houses of Congress, unions, the NLRB, the EPA, the Federal Reserve, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Bill Gross, Warren Buffet, George Soros, environmentalists, the GLBT lobby, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, Fannie and Freddie, the AARP and most of Cook County, Illlinois.

It’s time for Obama to eat his own peas.

It’s well past time.

He's the guy that cooked them.

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