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Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Joe Biden is arguably the, if not one of the, worst presidents in American history. I use the word “president” loosely, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 


By any national metric, we’re all far worse off now than we were before Biden stumbled through the doors of the Oval Office like a lobotomized polio victim. His “stiff gait” is an indicator of serious neurological decline which has become a brand of sorts. It’s Biden’s version of Trump’s rambunctious mane. But, instead of signaling a raucous virility, Biden’s halting and unbalanced gate communicates fundamental weakness and morbidity. 

The leader of the free world? How about sock puppet?   

We’ve come a long way from presidents who bore titles like The American Cincinnatus (George Washington), The Colossus of Independence (John Adams), The Apostle of Democracy (Thomas Jefferson), Father of the Constitution (James Madison), Napoleon of the Stump (James K. Polk), Old Rough and Ready (Zachary Taylor), The Great Emancipator (Abraham Lincoln), The Hero of San Juan Hill (Theodore Roosevelt), The Great Communicator (Ronald Reagan). 

From the arc of greatness our presidents have devolved into punchlines like Slick Willie (Bill Clinton), Long-Legged Mack Daddy coined by James David Manning, pastor at ATLAH World Missionary Church located in Harlem (Barack Obama), and Let’s Go Brandon (Joe Biden). 

Our institutions have been poisoned by feckless, political appointees. But, the watershed moment in deep state corruption manifested itself when Barack Obama sauntered into the White House, and Karl Marx followed with him. 

Every apparatus of deep state power fell under the full control of left wing radicals, installed by the Obama administration — a phalanx of unelected officials that still occupy key positions today. Failing to root out these ideological marxists may be one of Trump’s few true failures. Not only that, but some of Trump’s appointments have proven to be painfully inadequate. 


Certainly, FBI Director Christopher Wray has failed to meet expectations. (Well, the expectations of freedom loving Americans.) Wray’s been a resounding success in the eyes of statists who pine for an unchallenged autocracy. He’s a paragon of liberal virtue, having insinuated an even more dangerous culture of “equity and inclusion” which will, if left unchecked, be the true demise of the FBI. This new generation of FBI agents are happily goose stepping over the precipice into the abyss of mindless wokeism.

The DOJ was placed firmly in the grip of totalitarianism with Obama’s appointment of former Attorney General Eric Holder, famously involved in the “fast and furious” gun running scandal that cost the life of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Again, the Trump appointments of former AG Jeff Sessions and of former AG William Barr were disappointing. Sessions recused himself from the “Russia, Russia, Russia” scandal, and Barr played the part of Brutus by adopting the statist line about the potential for election fraud during 2020. 

Which brings us back to the point regarding Biden’s presidency. You don’t need hacked Dominion voting machines to rig an election. The Democrats are sophisticates at lying, stealing, and mayhem. Widespread mail-in balloting (even the French outlawed that one due to the obvious potential for fraud), ballot harvesting, ballot box stuffing (see Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules documentary), lax or nonexistent voter I.D., not to mention illegal alteration of state voting laws, suppression of information by social media companies, disinformation campaigns by the state…all add up to a rigged election. 


Democrats seem more comfortable with the term “election influencing,” but that’s just enough of a semantic shift to help people like William Barr sleep at night. The results are the same. 

Here’s the most convincing bit of evidence — the deep state will not abide free speech on this issue. 

Joe Biden is a vessel. A naked mannequin. Sure, he’s plenty culpable for his duplicity, racism, incest, and grifting millions from the Chinese and Russians. But, Biden is eerily similar to King Theoden from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings as depicted by Peter Jackson. If you’ve seen Jackson’s The Two Towers, you’ll remember that Theoden is a grey, glassy eyed thrall of Saruman. At Theoden’s elbow is the greasy Grima Wormtongue, who whispers the diabolical into his ear. 

To describe Biden as glassy eyed is only to acknowledge what is obvious about him during any public appearance. It’s almost as if a brass key protrudes from his back, wound by his personal man servant before any event. It’s painfully obvious when the ancient clockworks start to wind down. 

The Obamas wait patiently behind their walled, multimillion dollar estates. They have their Wormtongues to do their bidding and deliver their missives to the doddering old fool in the White House. For Obama, it’s the best of both worlds. Obama recently noted that he wished for a stand-in, wearing an earpiece, through whom he could communicate his ideas without having to bear with the inconvenience of public appearance. He got his wish. 


Joe Biden is disposable, like a fouled diaper. It really is tragic. He’s a placeholder — possibly for Michelle Obama. 

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear her galumphing up to a podium to claim her birthright as an oppressed African woman, a return to the summit of white guilt Camelot. Never mind the Obamas rose from the cradle of privilege and now reside on the exclusive shores of Martha’s Vineyard. Never have they been more in touch with the plight of the poor and oppressed. 

Biden is also a fall guy. The left can wreak havoc safely shielded by their stool pigeon. When it’s convenient, they’ll say the burning wreckage at home and abroad was a product of an addled, old man — not their inhuman, infernal policies. 

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