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The "Young Guns" Bring Out the Big Guns

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Reps. Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Wisconsin's Fiscal Dreamboat (WFD) — also known as Rep. Paul Ryan — are releasing a new book today that outlines their plan for the Republican Party. "Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders" is not for the politically uninterested: in a 190 page paperback, the three lay out policy proposals and talking points for this year's mid-term elections and beyond.

The book provides a full-length explanation of everything that is good and right in the political world. Unfortunately, it's not light on platitudes. I say this with a heavy heart; these guys are my dream team, and I truly believe W.F.D.'s entitlement reform plan is the way to save America. Unfortunately, his literary skills may not be.

America is on a dangerous downward path, but its not too late to get back on the upward road to security and solid growth. We have a handful of years to save our children and grandchildren from a life of economic decline and insecurity.

....we also have a handful of years to tell them that no, there aren't any monsters under the bed.

Don't get me wrong: the book is full of true statements — statements that need to be heard, and statements that probably should get put down in a book somewhere. These politicians are still rockstars. But talking points does not a novel make. I'm a conservative diehard, and I had trouble getting through it.

Perhaps the most interesting twist to the book was the exclusion of Rep. Mike Pence, chairman of the House Republican Conference. The book neither mentions him, nor mentions why they don't mention him. Neither the Young Guns nor Pence himself were willing to comment on the matter, making the Young Guns / House Republican Conference differences seem all the more dramatic.

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