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After Debate Disaster Hollywood to the Rescue

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After a pathetic debate performance, liberals are no longer so confident that Barack Obama is a lock for re-election. Until the showdown on stage in Denver, liberals had been quite confident their man would prevail, citing battleground state polls that favored the President. Seems they popped the champagne bottles too early as new polls show Romney received a bump from his strong showing in the first debate.

 With a weakened President now exposed as an empty suit, liberals are scared that the debate may have changed the dynamics of the race. They need to pull out all the stops to boost his chances. Commentators have been making laughable excuses for his performance. The most inane explanation came from global warming fanatic Al Gore, who said that the high altitude in Denver may have negatively affected Obama. You know it is bad when liberals have to stretch that far to find an excuse for the President.

Another method of helping the President is to remind everyone of the Osama Bin Laden mission, which is obviously the highlight of the Obama administration. At the Democratic National Convention, a continuous stream of speakers praised the President for his supposedly brilliant role in the operation.

In case voters did not get the message, there will be a few handy reminders in the next few weeks. Hollywood filmmakers produced two movies about the raid, with one of them airing on national television right before the election.

The movie, “Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden,” will premiere on the National Geographic Channel on Sunday November 4, two days before the presidential election. It will then be available on Netflix the next day, conveniently right before the election.

Supposedly, the network chose the launch date to coincide with the start of their fall schedule, but the political timing seems a much more likely explanation. While claiming to be apolitical, the network’s true liberal bias can be seen in their connection to Harvey Weinstein, the producer of the film. Weinstein is a major donor to the Obama campaign, who is on record claiming that the Bin Laden raid was a great example of Obama leadership.

Weinstein is following in a long Hollywood tradition of promoting liberal policies and politicians. Movies have often been a powerful tool for liberals to spread their political messages. In this year, the vast majority of Hollywood powerbrokers are staunch Obama supporters. These films will be used to promote Obama, glorify his “leadership” in authorizing the mission and try to persuade Americans to vote for him again.  

Surely a fair and balanced view will not be presented. Don’t expect to see the real story of what happened prior to the Bin Laden raid. In his new book, “Leading from Behind” investigative journalist Richard Miniter claims that Obama was reluctant to authorize the Bin Laden raid and deferred the decision three times. He finally acceded to persuasion from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

After the mission was completed, President Obama raced to the cameras to score a political point, but in the process damaged intelligence operations. Ideally, the raid should have been kept secret for several weeks to allow the intelligences services to take full advantage of the voluminous terrorist information found at the Bin Laden compound. When Obama blurted out about the mission, the terrorists scattered like the wind.

These shocking claims will also likely be excluded from the other movie on the Bin Laden raid, “Zero Dark Thirty.” It will be released in December, after the election, but previews will be shown all over television, the Internet and theaters prior to November 6. Again, this movie by liberal Hollywood filmmaker Kathleen Bigelow will surely present President Obama in a very positive light.

Americans should be wise to the manipulation of Hollywood. Their agenda is crystal clear. Almost all of the top movie stars and film executives are liberals who support Obama. Only a few Hollywood insiders, like Clint Eastwood, are outspoken conservatives. The rest fear reprisals from their liberal brethren, so they keep quiet.

In this environment, Hollywood liberals are powerful and virtually unchallenged in their industry. They have a clear goal between now and November 6, help re-elect Barack Obama. One way is to raise big money for the President. The other way is to produce two highly publicized movies that hype his role in the Bin Laden mission.

On Election Day, we will know if all of these efforts succeed. If Obama loses, it certainly will not be for a lack of trying by the powerful elite who control the film industry.

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