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Arizona is a fascinating state because of the extreme reactions its controversial legislation seems to elicit from the country.  It’s definitely the Wild West when it comes to legislation, with the recently passed immigration law known as SB1070. Then there is Arizona’s Proposition 200 from 2004 that required proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. It was approved by Arizona voters but was recently struck down by the 9th Circuit Court, dealing a blow to the very integrity of our elections. And don’ t forget the current legislative endeavors including a proposition that directly confronts the unconstitutional mandates in Obamacare and a proposition to undo the race-based hiring practices of Affirmative Action. To some, Arizona is on the cutting edge of states’ rights and law and order; to others it is a racist, hateful place that is violating human rights and is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.


In these 2010 elections, Arizona has the chance to be an important part of the Republican take-back of Congress, providing the opportunity to flip five House seats to the type of conservative Republicans the country needs. This is vital to re-shaping Congress. Arizona Congressional Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 8 are all up for grabs, and the support from Arizonans locally, and Americans nationally, is vital here.

Dr. Paul Gosar in Congressional District 1 has received endorsements from Sarah Palin and Hugh Hewitt among others. He is a successful dentist and small business owner who is well-known and well-liked in his community. He will be a key ally in the fight to repeal ObamaCare and set into motion the kind of reforms that can improve our health care system instead of destroying it. Who better to understand the ins and outs of health care and to speak with real world knowledge than someone who has actually worked there?

Ben Quayle, in Congressional District 3 who some argue was running off little more than name recognition in the primaries, has proven to be a bold campaigner and someone who has the right ideas to get the economy back on track and slow the growth of government. He has a plan posted on his website that outlines the steps he would take, directly refuting the false claim by Democrats that Republicans are offering no ideas of their own. Quayle has also received endorsements from key conservative candidates, has gained the support of the 3rd Congressional District in Arizona, and earned effusive praise from Hugh Hewitt.


Janet Contreras, the “regular American” in Congressional District 4 who is running against Ed Pastor, is giving Mr. Pastor a run for his money …or rather a run for his war chest. It is an uphill battle, but on her side Janet has massive grassroots support from unhappy voters in Pastor’s district. Janet is the ideal person for this job. She is a former Democrat who has wholeheartedly converted to conservative principals and gained the support of key leaders in the conservative movement as well as the Tea Party. She wrote an open letter in 2009 to our nation’s leadership that Glenn Beck read on the air to national notice. The overwhelming support from citizens across the country and right here in Arizona encouraged her to run for office and propelled her through the primary and into the general election. She is the perfect choice for the people and by the people to change Washington.

David Schweikert, in Congressional District 5 who if elected should certainly join the ranks of other “young guns” in the Republican Party, is running against the Pelosi “lap dog” Harry Mitchell. Schweikert is a rare veteran in politics who doesn’t compromise his conservative principals. This is another crucial race, and Schweikert, armed with solid arguments, is full of ideas for reversing the insane the growth of government and reinvigorating the economy. Mitchell’s campaign is doing what so many desperate Democrats are now doing across the country – creating ads that are pathetically and blatantly false in an attempt to deceive voters, but with the truth and the help of the people Schweikert can win.


Last and not least among the candidates who will be fighting to change the course of Washington is Marine Veteran Jesse Kelly, whose district will prove to be one of the most important “toss-up” races there in the country, since it could be won by as few as 640 votes. While this is a close, tough race, Kelly has advantages: his district has more registered Republican voters than Democrat voters, and with the Blue Dog Democrat being shown to be little more than a myth, his opponent’s appeal should be weakened. Combined with the rising Republican tide across the country, this could be a key win.

Arizona’s candidates aren’t just average Republicans. They’re conservative Republicans who have had to stand strong on their conservative principals through the heated debates that Arizona has confronted with its tough solutions like SB1070 and 2004’s Prop 200, as well as the current battle over health care liberty and institutional racism in hiring. Arizona’s attitude—that  if the federal government will not protect its citizens and provide for the common defense then the state will—as well as the belief that unconstitutional government overreach must be fought, has produced the kind of conservatives this nation sorely needs.

The state of Goldwater, whose capital is named after the mythical firebird of rebirth, is front-and-center in the rebirth of conservativism and leading the country back to liberty, security and its Constitutional roots. If victory prevails Arizona will at least take 5 seat back to the house with Strong Republican Governor still in office. For more information on the key races and issues please visit westernfreepress.com


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