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“Why isn’t the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!”  (President Donald Trump, 10/5.)


Among many others, The Washington Post is all over Trump for his tweet, denouncing it as a manifestation of “autocratic desperation.”  So let’s start with them.

And yes, let’s also mention “autocrats.” You see, amigos: The Washington Post’s Latin American correspondent Nick Miroff is married to an apparatchik of the Castro regime named Camila Harnecker. She is the daughter of the founder of the Castro regime’s military intelligence (G-2) apparatus. This notorious KGB-protégé, Che Guevara-chum and Stalinist torturer was named Manuel “Barbarroja” (Red Beard) Pineiro.

Significantly, at the time of its founding in 1959, Castro’s G-2 was under the close tutelage of Soviet GRU torturers who had interned with the masters themselves, Stalin and Beria.

“Barbarroja’s” wife (the WaPo reporter’s mother-in-law) is Maria Marta Harnecker Cerda, a Chilean Communist who worked for Salvador Allende and scurried to Stalinist Cuba upon Augusto Pinochet’s (just-in-time!) liberation of Chile.

For years Manuel “Barbarroja” Pineiro served for the Castros exactly as Yezhov, Yagoda and Beria served for Stalin–as director of mass-murder and torture.

And wouldn’t you know? Like so many others in such “sensitive” positions within Stalinist regimes (Yezhov, Yagoda, Beria– indeed, like Che Guevara himself), Manuel Pineiro’s usefulness to his employers finally expired. In 1998 the infamous “Barbarroja” himself got a taste of his own medicine and was “disappeared.” For the brain-dead his Stalinist “comrades” concocted a story of a “car-accident.”


Moving along now to CNN, which was all over President Trump for his “conflict of interest” in attempting to “turn back the clock” on U.S. relations with Cuba—in other words, for upholding U.S. law as codified by Congress.

Rather than any upholding of any U.S. law, CNN hints that Trump’s Cuba policy is a simple ploy by hotel mogul Donald Trump to sandbag other hotel companies–so that Trump’s company can later fill Cuba with Trump hotels.

“…the decision to prohibit business with GAESA (Cuba’s military-controlled business empire) ….is an example of Trump's ability to impact his business' competitors while in the White House. Trump's prohibition, in effect, puts other hotel companies on equal footing with his personal company -- not allowed to pursue future business in Cuba.”

In brief, according to CNN, Trump’s Cuba policy constitutes a blatant “conflict of interest.”

While we’re on that topic, how many of y’all knew that CNN’s Cuba reporter Patrick Oppmann—who constantly rails against Trump’s Cuba policy of restricting tourism to Cuba—has an American wife who owns a shop in Havana that caters primarily to tourists?

Needless to add, permission to open a shop in Havana isn’t doled out randomly by the Stalinist regime—especially to a foreigner. In fact, recently several Cubans who had opened up small restaurants in Havana were arrested and had their restaurants confiscated by Stalinist authorities.mSeems they weren’t sufficiently greasing the right regime palms.


Apparently no such “irregularities” hamper the operation of the shop owned by the CNN reporter’s American wife.

But it gets even “better.” CNN’s Cuba reporter Patrick Oppmann also specializes in denouncing Trump’s policy (again, as codified by Congress years ago) of preventing American businessmen from partnering with the Castro regime. You’ll be amazed to learn that CNN’s Cuba reporter Patrick Oppman’s wife is a high-rolling consultant for a firm that specializes in helping foreign businessman partner with the Castro regime. 

Trump’s recent Tweets denouncing fake news mention NBC by name. Well MSNBC’s veritable “go-to-person” on Cuban healthcare (besides Michael Moore) is Gail Reed.  Andrea Mitchell often introduces Reed on location in Havana as “international director of the nonprofit group Medical Education Cooperation.” 

During the 1990s Reed also functioned as executive producer for NBC News Havana bureau--a pretty plum position for a communist intelligence apparatchik, no? Not that NBC revealed Gail Reed’s genuine “credentials.”

CNN, another media fan of Gail Reed’s “impartial expertise”, calls her “a Medical Expert.”

Here’s a few items NBC and CNN serially “forget” to mention: for the past 36 years Havana resident Gail Reed has been married to an officer of Cuba’s Directorio General de Intelligencia (spy service) named Julian Torres Rizo. This KGB-trained apparatchik recruited Reed back in 1969 when she visited Cuba as a member of the (DGI-created) Venceremos Brigades of “starry-eyed” U.S. college kids. Obama’s future “neighbors” Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, by the way, served as recruiters for these Venceremos Brigades. This was an important function as leaders of the terrorist group Weather Underground.


“Your society must be destroyed!” the KGB-trained Rizo coached his eager hippie recruits in Cuba. “It is now your duty to help destroy your society!” Reed was so enchanted with Stalinist, terror-sponsoring Cuba that she moved there and became a top writer for Cuba’s Communist party press.

Not that any American viewers imbibing her reports on the marvels of Cuba’s healthcare and the wickedness of the U.S. “Blockade” of her adopted country in those “mainstream” media organs might have guessed any of Gail Reed’s background.

Castro’s DGI had further goals in mind with their Venceremos Brigades. “The ultimate objective of the DGI’s participation in the setting up of the Venceremos Brigades,” reveals an FBI report declassified in 1976 “was the recruitment of individuals who are politically oriented and who someday may obtain a position, elective or appointive, somewhere in the U.S. Government, which would provide the Cuban Government with access to political, economic and military intelligence.”

Everything above thoroughly documented here.

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