Worst President Ever?

Posted: Aug 11, 2010 11:27 PM
Worst President Ever?

Ben Quayle, candidate for Congress in Arizona's 3rd District, is catching flak from the left and from the commentariat for his campaign ad declaring that President Obama is the worst president ever.

In sheer numbers of dollars Obama has certainly spent more money that the country didn't have, presided over the loss of more jobs in 18 months and --unless he changes course soon-- will have raised more tax dollars from already burdened Americans than any president in history.

The president will also have overseen the first ever seizure of a private company of any size in disregard for the existing laws of debt and bankruptcy, and he will have pushed through the greatest nationalization of an industry ever with Obamacare.

The president is giving greater reign to unelected bureaucrats than ever before --witness the EPA's power grab over emissions-- and he will have created more new federal boards, agencies and authorities in the Obamacare monster than in any other single legislative act in American history.

This president has certainly treated allies worse than any president in history, and his appeasement of Iran has few parallels in our past.

President Obama owns the bowing-to-other-heads-of-state record.

Admittedly Obama won't force the union to the point of dissolution as did James Buchanan, and 43's rhetoric can only tie Jimmy Carter's when it comes to tiresome cliche, so there is that flaw in Quayle's logic.

But the president's numbers are falling rapidly and very early in the life of his presidency for good reason: He is governing against the people on most issues and on others he is voting "present," just as he did repeatedly in the Illinois legislature.

On the Ground Zero Mosque his spokesman declared that only a local issue was in play.

In the aftermath of a radical decision overturning Prop 8 and rewriting 4,000 years of western civilization, the president was silent despite his alleged opposition to same sex marriage.

So Ben Quayle has a pretty good argument about this president being in the running for the title "worst ever."

If Iran obtains nukes or if we suffer a fiscal stroke, then the deal will have been sealed.

Ben Quayle is getting grief from the Obama cheering section because he bluntly declared what millions are thinking.

Remember "oiiohh": Obama is in over his head.