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Find me a sixth grader who does not understand that if you give a bully a quarter, tomorrow he will ask for a dollar.

Then find me a federal or state prosecutor who will pursue The African/Black Student Alliance (A/BSA) for trespassing and extortion at UC Santa Cruz.


Finding the sixth grader who completely understands the concept of bullying is easy. Finding a prosecutor who will to do the job he or she has sworn to do, that is a different matter. Enforcing the law has become merely a concept instead of an activity on public college campuses in California. Finding a University of California administrator who will do their job or do more than pretend that university housing policies are not violating state and federal laws is impossible.

Two weeks ago, the facts as presented by the UC administrators about what occurred on the UC Santa Cruz campus were not subject to question; administrators reported that everything was peaceful. Now, of course, it appears that the UC administrators forgot to mention the threats of violence against them as apparently not being part of the definition of ‘peaceful’.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that the “peaceful” takeover of the UC Santa Cruz administrative offices was anything but peaceful. Lower level administrators are reporting that they felt terrorized and threatened. These administrators are reported to have sought counseling after reporting that the Chancellor was assaulted and called any variety of names.

Who would expect UC administrators to honestly report what occurred on their campus?


The basic facts and the reactions of UC administrators are not in question. Below is what was asked of and agreed to by the UC Santa Cruz administrators two weeks ago:

All African Black Caribbean identified students are to have a 4 year housing guarantee to live in the Rosa Parks African American Themed House

There will be mandatory diversity training for all incoming students. Such training need be approved by The African/Black Student Alliance.

The Rosa Parks African Theme House will be re-painted in the red, black and green “pan-Afrikan” colors of “Black liberation”.

Of course, demand number one only violates California’s Proposition 209 as well as the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968. Demand number two places student views of curriculum above those of educators and demand number three probably violates every architectural covenant on the Santa Cruz campus.

Now, just a few days later, it is reported that the successful bully provides a new series of demands:

         UC Santa Cruz purchase property “to serve as a low income housing cooperative for historically disadvantaged students,”

         UC Santa Cruz “allocate $100,000” for Santa Cruz’s “SOMeCA” student organization support department,


         UC Santa Cruz create either a Black Studies department or a Black Studies Minor or Major.

As reported by Breitbart, the organizers of this last trespass have “warned UC Santa Cruz that it has four months to comply with these demands or ‘more Reclamations; will result.”

And just wait until the fall. With no consequences for previous behavior or any response to the new demands, what chance could there be for more illegal demands followed by instant capitulation at UC Santa Cruz? Look for the violent individuals in the Ninja costumes; UCSB will probably ban Ninja Costumes for Halloween, but when they will cloak the identity of the next group of trespassers and the new group of protesters who decide to cause damage to UC Santa Cruz facilities, no one will be arrested or thrown out of school.

Prediction: The bully will make new demands and the UC administration will comply.

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