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All of the invective and hatred that has been aimed at President Donald Trump coming from the Democrats and their liberal allies in Hollywood and in the corrupt American news media, as well as on the campuses of American colleges and universities with their leftist administrations and faculties, is actually really pretty easy to understand.  And it has nothing to do with some of the off-color or other raucous comments made by President Trump both during the campaign and after he’s taken office.

What all the angst experienced by those groups comes down to is simply this.  The person they had put all their dreams and hopes into becoming the first American woman to become president, Hillary Clinton, came crashing down around them on November 8, 2016.  Thirty years of their lives down the drain, wasted promoting a person who will never achieve the goals that they had all groomed her for.

For 30 years they had cultivated the image of Hillary Clinton as being the “smartest woman in the world.”  In reality though she is nothing more than a leftist, liberal elitist who has the distinction of being the most dishonest and corrupt politician in American history to ever run for the office.  Of course none of that mattered to her supporters.  She checked all the right boxes on the social issues that liberals and leftists cared about.  That alone in their eyes qualified her for the highest office in the land.

What is even more difficult for Democrats to swallow is that twice now, first with Al Gore and now with Hillary Clinton, the Constitution of the United States prevented the two candidates favored by liberal elites from attaining the office they so desperately sought.

Massive voter fraud in both elections aside – which the Democrats to this day continue to deny exists – it looks likely that both Gore and Clinton actually prevailed in the popular vote.  They won the major urban areas which are always staunch supporters of the Democrats, but failed to win America’s heartland.  The rural parts of America where there are fewer welfare recipients dependent upon the government largesse that Democrats use as an opiate for far too many of America’s disadvantaged underclass.

Think about it.  If you devoted 30 years of your life trying to achieve one single goal, only to come so close and then to watch your dreams swept away by the ‘great unwashed American voters,’ wouldn’t you be upset ?  That is what explains all the vitriol and hatred being directed at President Trump.  It wouldn’t matter if it were a different Republican who had defeated Hillary Clinton.  The anger and invectives directed at that Republican ‘usurper’ would be the same.  They strove and worked for it for 30 years of their lives!  The 2016 election was Hillary’s turn!

After all, wasn’t she the dutiful servant of Barack Obama, smiling graciously in his victory back in 2008 when he came out of nowhere and stole from Hillary what was rightfully hers in the eyes of Hillary and her supporters?

Even in defeat Hillary’s supporters were already setting their sights on the 2016 election.  The eight years of Barack Obama would merely be viewed as a circus side show, only a temporary delay, with the main event coming upon the election of Hillary Clinton as the very first American woman to achieve the presidency.  Hell, they were already taking measurements for Mount Rushmore and deciding where to place her statue on the Mall in Washington, D.C.!

Fortunately for America the voters decided otherwise.  A Hillary Clinton presidency would have been even more disastrous than the eight years the country had to endure under Barack Obama.  Likely the nation would never have recovered.

And while Donald Trump may not have been the perfect candidate in the eyes of some people, flawed and sometimes coarse and raw in his behavior and comments.  He struck a nerve with enough Americans to deny from Hillary and her supporters what they had sought for 30 years.  

The time has come for ALL Americans regardless of political affiliations to work together to make America great again.  There’s room for ideas, discussion, and compromise if only the hatred is put aside.

A lesson in life for us all.  Though one’s dreams and desires may be dashed, all true Americans will rise above the petty politics and work together to achieve great things for the country.  A lesson Democrats and those who devoted their whole lives to a lost cause need to take to heart.  

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