Missouri, the ‘Show Me’ (Leadership) State

Posted: Nov 23, 2014 12:01 AM

Missouri’s state motto, the ‘Show Me State’ was on display recently during a news conference when Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was asked “where the buck stopped”, with regards to his activating the Missouri National Guard in response to the situation in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

To quote Governor Nixon in his response to the reporter’s question, “Uh, well uh, you know, uh, as I said, um, we need to, uh, well it’s, um, uh”. Actually his tortured and incoherent reply went on and on in the same vein for quite a bit longer, but it’s really not necessary to quote his full response since I think everyone gets the point.

As a lawyer and former attorney general for the State of Missouri one would think Nixon has a full understanding of the criminal justice process.Unfortunately in August following the Michael Brown shooting in the Missouri community, Nixon exhibited a complete lack of understanding of ‘due process’.A fundamental right every citizen, even police officers are afforded by the United States Constitution.

During a press conference shortly after rioting had erupted in Ferguson, Nixon promised a “vigorous prosecution” of Officer Darren Wilson. Apparently Nixon was so concerned with satisfying a Democrat voting bloc in St. Louis that he failed to mention that the investigation into the shooting had barely begun, and certainly no evidence had yet been developed that might merit a “vigorous prosecution” of the officer.

Nixon’s comments were made from a written statement, a document one would believe had been reviewed a number of times by his aides who drafted the statement, and one would hope the governor himself, prior to Nixon making the statement to the press and public.Claiming he merely misspoke as he later did doesn’t pass the smell test.But as is typical with Democrats, ‘just lie about it and forge ahead’ is the standard practice.Since we’ve recently discovered that Democrats believe we’re all too stupid anyway.

Why would Nixon through his statement publicly accuse a police officer of wrong-doing justifying a “vigorous prosecution”, without the benefit of a complete and thorough investigation examining all evidence of the case, and conducting interviews of all potential witnesses ?As well as weeding out all the liars.There’s a term commonly used for that, it’s called a “Kangaroo Court”.One apparently presided over by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.Certainly not due process.

Injecting herself into the situation Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, also pandering for votes, reportedly has called for the Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson to resign.McCaskill even threw out the myth of “driving while black” during public comments she made in Ferguson.Impugning the integrity of police officers everywhere.

Politically McCaskill understands that since she abandoned Hillary Clinton back in 2008 and early on jumped onto the Barack Obama bandwagon, there probably won’t be any cabinet posts waiting for her in a possible Hillary Clinton Administration.Most certainly her prospects for re-election as a senator from Missouri are somewhat diminished with the generally ‘Red-State Missourians’.During her last run for office she was losing to her Republican opponent Todd Akin until he made his stupid “legitimate rape” comment.Akin surely wasn’t the best candidate Republicans could have put up against the incumbent Democrat, yet she was still struggling in her campaign for reelection against a weak opponent like Akin.

McCaskill, who has her eyes on the Missouri governor’s job is apparently hoping to improve her prospects with Missouri inner-city voters.Or as a last resort since her party lost control of the Senate, garner for herself an ambassadorship before Barack Obama leaves office.Her political future in Missouri isn’t too bright right now either way.

Until his mishandling of the Ferguson situation in August and his most recent press conference melt-down, Nixon had fancied himself as being on the short list of possible vice presidential running mates with Hillary Clinton in 2016.Yeah, count on it Jay.The Clinton’s don’t suffer fools.

In some regards it would seem that Missouri’s two main Democrats are living up to the state motto, the Show Me State. Missouri’s Democrat governor and Democrat senator, both former prosecutors who presumably fully understand the challenges police face, and who understand rules of evidence and how the American criminal justice system works, are showing the world that they are nothing but pandering politicians willing to sell their office for political benefit.

Instead of stepping up and standing with the police who are defending a community against lawlessness and anarchy, Nixon and McCaskill are showing the world an incredible lack of leadership.

Missourians would do well to remember how both Democrats behaved next time their names show up on a ballot.