ISIS, A Collection of Misfits and Rabid Dogs

Posted: Oct 16, 2014 12:01 AM

As fighters from the Islamic State continue their march across Iraq headed towards a showdown in the suburbs of Baghdad, perhaps it would be useful for Americans to gain a perspective on just who makes up this motley crew of psychopathic killers.

ISIS, also known as ISIL, the Islamic State, and its’ affiliates the Khorasan Group, et al, basically consists of a collection of disaffected misfits, the type of people who would have difficulty fitting in as a part of any society or culture. Most could not hold a job as a dog catcher, since they are just as dangerous as the rabid dogs they would be expected to rid our streets of. In fact, in most civilized societies ISIS fighters would be locked up and the key thrown away because they’re crazier than a loon.

ISIS has a lot less to do with ‘religion’ than it does with psychotic people acting out their murderous tendencies. While the proclaimed ‘caliph’ of the Islamic State, Abu Bakral-Baghdadi professes a religious motivation for the depredations committed byISIS fighters as they plowed across Syria and Iraq, much of his ‘army’ are nothing more than what we would consider mentally ill individuals who derive pleasure from butchering other people.

Were they not involved in conquering a large swath of a sovereign nation ISIS fighters are who police would be investigating as serial murderers. The ‘Jack the Rippers’ of the Middle East, with an unabated bloodlust. Nothing more than sexual psychopaths who have the freedom with ISIS to freely act out their sick and twisted fantasies.

In civilized societies dog catchers work diligently to remove the threat presented to society by rabid dogs. The Obama Administration’s response seems to be less about ridding the world of ISIS, than simply arresting and ‘kenneling’ the threat until after the November elections.

Rabid dogs need to be destroyed. So should ISIS.