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How can you tell that the liberal intelligentsia and the mainstream media are petrified that President Donald J. Trump seems to be heading toward reelection? Easy: they keep dialing up the “crazy” in a desperate attempt to slow or stop that momentum.


The latest “Let’s throw some mud at the wall and see if it sticks” strategy being to dig-out and repackage a 2018 story in which “anonymous” sources in an Atlantic Magazine piece – a publication majority-owned by Laurene Powell Jobs who has donated over $600,000 to Joe Biden or his “Victory Fund,” and $1.2 million to other liberal Democrats – allege President Trump canceled a trip to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris to pay tribute to fallen World War I soldiers because: “It’s filled with losers.”

As has been reported, tens of American officials who were with Trump that day or who had knowledge of the event – including Trump frenemy John Bolton – have all categorically denied the smear while offering up facts to dispute it. With some liberal sites now also questioning some of the “facts” around the allegation as well as its timing and use of anonymous sources, the story has already lost steam and become a running joke.

So, what next?

What will be the next “scandal” some from the far-left, the mainstream media, Hollywood, the Never-Trumpers, and academia will attempt to hang around the neck of President Donald Trump to sink his chances for reelection in November?

That he once illegally tore the tag off of a mattress when he was five years of age?

While such a question would be laughable if related to almost any other person on the planet, when it comes to Donald Trump and those who have admitted to despising or even “hating” him, the absurd is not only the new norm but the unofficial dictate of “The Resistance.”


Nothing, no matter how silly or how vile, is off-limits.  For them, Trump must be stopped at any and all costs. The rage they felt when he defeated their beloved Hillary Clinton in 2016 has only intensified over the last four years and is now cannibalizing their minds from within.

Those who feel this now openly unhinged hatred share at least two things in common:

First, all literally and repeatedly laughed at the very idea of a Trump presidential campaign even getting off the ground in 2015 and 2016. Second, all were then exposed by Donald Trump as being completely wrong and out of touch to the tens of millions of Americans desperate for pragmatic, commonsense solutions to problems adversely affecting their lives and threatening the future of their children.

There is no greater transgression to the liberal intelligentsia, their mainstream media allies, and the entrenched elites than having themselves and their continually false predictions exposed as false. As Donald Trump now routinely proves them to be hacks and propagandists, he must be made to pay a price.

Fake Russian collusion didn’t work. The impeachment didn’t stick. No one is buying the World War I cemetery smear. Time is running out. What to do?

“Eureka,” the leadership of the Trump Resistance will say to themselves. Surely there is another anonymous source out there who will come forward with an old video of Trump as a little boy tearing the tag off a mattress while in a furniture store with his parents.


In glee, the Trump resistance could then tweet out the “Under Penalty of Law, this Tag not be removed” label for all the media, academics, and Hollywood celebrities to forward amongst themselves while calling for a special prosecutor.

Ridiculous and bad comedy? Under normal circumstances, of course. But with the Trump resistance now seemingly taking their marching orders from the left-leaning satirical news-site The Onion, I fully expect CNN to break into their regular Anti-Trump coverage to breathlessly announce: “Mattress-Gate. The Cover-Up That Will End the Trump Presidency.”

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the book:  The Dawn of a Nazi Moon: Book One.

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