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Dear Europe & America: Those 'Poor Refugees' Sure Look And Act Like Radical Muslims To Me

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A couple of weeks ago I got a flurry of appeal letters from ministries asking me to financially help them help the “refugees” fleeing the crap-hole called Syria.


The ministries hit me with the normative guilt-trip noise about “what would Jesus do?”; that “any good Christian worth their salt would definitely help the suffering refugees”; and that if the reader/me didn’t help these “refugees” then they/I suck as a Christian.

That’s not exactly what the letter said, but that was the gist of it.

Now, I know my tightly wound evangelical bros out there don’t think that I’m “saved” because I own a cigar company, openly enjoy alcohol and I, occasionally, can and do out cuss a stevedore, but I do try to please Jesus as much as a fallen critter can.

In addition, I’m well aware that my Catholic amigos think I have the soul of a heretic because I’m a fan of Calvin’s TULIP, but I too would like to inform them that, believe it or not, I’m sold, lock-stock-and-two-smokin’-barrels, on following the rebel from Galilee.

With all of that said … I would love to help people, especially folks suffering under the ignoble muck storm which is Islam, but from my perch these “poor refugees” look like psycho-terrorists, who are not “fleeing for their lives” but purposefully infiltrating Western Civilization in order to make it sink like Bruce Jenner’s new hooters soon will.

Matter of fact, ever since this mass migration to Europe from Syria has occurred, we’ve been following it over at my outfit ClashDaily.comquite religiously.


From what I’ve been able to deduce from the various news feeds from all over the planet, minus CNN, MSNBC and Glenn Beck’s show, is that these “poor refugees” don’t seem like they’re looking too arduously for help with a willingness to assimilate into their “saving” nation.

For instance, here’s what I have had a problem with:

  • The "poor refugee” pics I’ve seen seem to be filled with 18-45 year old, miffed Muslim men who look bat-crap crazy, entitled and angry at their receiving country.
  • Pardon me for being a skeptic, but when the "refugees”... "convert" … to Christianity, simply to appease and receive the perks -- namely food and money -- from the nation in which they’re currently flooding, I question their sincerity.
  • What’s up with these "refugees" being at the center of massive rape allegations? That seems weird.
  • I also have a hard time feeling pity for "refugees" when they scream "Allah Akbar" with pipes and sticks during rallies in Germany.
  • In addition, what "poor refugees" do you know that savagely attack a mother and her daughter?
  • Another thing I’m finding it hard to wrap my mind around is the "poor refugees' " talking trash to cops, screaming "f-ck you” and throwing their relief aid to the ground?
  • To add to this list, why would these "needy souls" orchestrate an attack in the Eurotunnel? That’s a strange choice, eh?
  • I hate to be negative, but I have to ask, how come these “suffering folks" overrun a hospital and stab doctors in their host country? Also, why haven’t we seen this on CNN and FOX NEWS? That’s also wa-wa-weird.
  • And finally, why doth the "unfortunate" file lawsuits against their welcoming governments for not coughing up cash quick enough?

Look, I’m all for helping people who wish to flee from some Suckistan and live free instead of with peeps stuck in the 7th century who believe that if they blow up innocent people that Allah is going to award them 72 chicks who don’t know to get their groove on; but the vast majority of what I’ve seen screams the opposite.

Are they indeed "poor refugees"? Well … I believe they’re poor in this sense of being morally bankrupt. In relation to their being persecuted "refugees", I got to call BS on the vast majority of those supposedly "fleeing”. Looks more like "infiltrators' " preying on westerners' multi-culti stupidity to this old redneck.

But I digress. Let’s go back to WWJD, shall we?

From what I’ve read of Jesus' teachings, I don’t see him shaming good folks into helping murderous and religiously implacable hordes. Nay, I do not believe for one holy second that Jesus would let these enemies of humanity into any place other then hell for their delusions and deadly intent.

How do I draw such a conclusion? Well … it’s from this thing called reading "The Gospel" and drawing a conclusion, based on the entirety of Christ’s teachings regarding his nature and character. When I read, say, Matthew 23 I see Jesus' being divinely intolerant of rude, bigoted, divisive, self-righteous, and murderous religious people who were a fraction of what Islam is. Yay, if the Jesus of the scripture poured anathemas upon the Pharisees, I’m guessing he would really lambaste impenitent Islam. But then again … that’s just me and my read of the Scripture.


Oh, and by the way, in case you need proof regarding all the atrocities I lined out about the "poor refugees" in the aforementioned bullet points, well here it is. Enjoy.

One last thing: Weren’t the Boston Bombers also considered "poor refugees" at one time?


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