Biden Changed His Tune Already

Posted: Jan 28, 2021 12:01 AM
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Biden Changed His Tune Already

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Watching the campaign, and the limited number of things Joe Biden said that didn’t sound like his speechwriter ripped it off from a fortune cookie, even Stevie Wonder could see if he were to be anymore full of it his hair would be brown. That wasn’t a surprise – a career politicians lying is as surprising as the sun rising in the east – but they usually wait a while before they start breaking their promises, give the public enough time to have their memories fade a little before they rip the rug out from under them. Biden didn’t do that, but the media is right there to catch him when he stumbles.

It didn’t take long for the lies to start. CNN personality MJ Lee reported last week that an anonymous source told her the Trump administration left the Biden team with no plan for vaccine distribution, they had to start “from scratch.” Considering the Trump team was vaccinating a million people per day, and Joe promised to vaccinate 100 million Americans in the first 100 days, Trump’s “non-existent plan,” at which he was succeeding, sure sounds an awful lot like Joe’s.

Of course, Joe Biden wouldn’t lie, right?

Not according to the Washington Post “fact-checker,” a guy named Glenn Kessler. He told CNN, “I assume the Biden -- you know, I did five years of Obama, and I assume the Biden presidency will be a lot like the Obama presidency, and that they will be responsive, and will be able to quickly back up what they're saying.”

Nice to be a President who the media automatically assumes is telling the truth, at least mostly. Kessler immediately tipped his hand, following up by saying, “And occasionally, the president will go off-kilter, particularly when he's, you know, speaking extemporaneously and not following something that previously -- has previously been fact-checked.”

That translates into “Joe Biden lies, but only when he goes off the prepared script his handlers entered into the teleprompter for him.” In other words, he’s a liar when he’s left to his own devices.

But even this admission by someone supposedly in the “truth” business can’t hold a candle to Biden’s own admission that he has no plan whatsoever to deal with the pandemic.

“There is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,” Biden told the world Friday. This directly contradicts what Joe had been promising since the pandemic began – that he, and only he, had a plan to save us.

On October 15, Joe Biden posted to his Facebook page, “We're eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn't have a plan to get this virus under control.  I do.”

Maybe Joe doesn’t remember, October is a long time ago when you’re senile. But on January 14 of this year, he tweeted, “We need to tackle the public health and economic crises we’re facing head-on. That’s why today, I’m announcing my American Rescue Plan. Together we’ll change the course of the pandemic.” When did “head-on” become “several months,” especially when he claimed to have a plan?

It wasn’t the first time the “truth-teller-in-chief” talked about having a plan. On October 20, the hair-sniffer tweeted, “If I’m elected president, I won’t waste a minute getting this virus under control. Here’s how I’ll do it:” and linked to his campaign website. It was a “plan” in that it had points, they were just a mile wide and an inch deep, like he is.

Trump’s Best Revenge
Derek Hunter

Apparently, Joe Biden didn’t alter his plan when the vaccines were announced. He did have a bullet point on “equitable distribution” of a vaccine, which is new leftist-speak for deciding who gets inoculated based on race.

Biden, the truth-teller, had no plan, has no plan, and is now telling everyone we have to wait until spring or summer, the natural time for infection to decrease, before his “plan” to decrease the spread takes effect? Is that what anyone was promised?

Of course it wasn’t. But being a Democrat means never being called out on your lies, and comes with the comfort of knowing that the press won’t do it either. The song remains the same, it’s just a different tune.

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