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It never ceases to amaze me just how disconnected from reality some liberals are. They fight tooth and nail for something or on some point, win, then a few years later, when circumstances have changed, they fight for the exact opposite thing like their original victory never occurred. They insist they are the “party of science,” and demand anything decreed by people in lab coats be adhered to, then deny the most basic elements of biology. It’s beyond hypocrisy, it’s insanity.


After a pro-life bill was passed in Alabama, the left lost their collective mind. Beyond calling for “sex strikes” and other temper tantrums, many insisted federal law trumps state law. It does, or at least it did.

Thanks to liberal governors and mayors across the country, states and localities no longer have to adhere to, and actively flout, federal laws they disagree with. Illegal aliens are not only protected by these politicians, they’re catered to. In-state tuition, political appointments, voting in local elections, and a near absolute refusal to alert immigration authorities when illegals are arrested. On this, there is no discussion about the supremacy of federal law, they simply pretend it does not exist.

Moreover, courts have insulated those jurisdictions from the consequences of their defiance, and journalists have elevated them to hero status. For all intents and purposes, they’ve won the argument that federal law can be disregarded if non-federal politicians so choose. If that is true for immigration, why isn’t it true for abortion?

Leftists insist “abortion is a Constitutional right,” yet states limit an unambiguous and literal right enumerated in the Bill of Rights – the Second Amendment – all the time, and continue to do so. So why can’t abortion be restricted?


There are federal drug laws that are explicit, whatever you think of them or how crazy some may seem. Rather than pushing to change them, states are pretending they don’t exist. That they’re openly defying federal law, and reaping massive tax revenue from it, is seen as “progressive,” not defiant.

In each of these cases there is no dissent from the left on how the federal government is supreme. The politicians responsible are cheered and held up as examples of bravery.

What they’re really doing is arguing for federalism – the idea that states are, or at least should be, free to decide their own fates. Depending on the issue, they have varying degrees of points.

Yet, when it comes to abortion, they are adamant that the opposite is the case – that federal law, or rather a Supreme Court decision, must apply everywhere. They’ve already won the argument, now they’re trying to lose it.

They’re trying to lose it while losing their minds.

“Men have no business passing laws, or even having even having opinions on the subject of abortion,” is the common refrain. Since women have abortions, men need to stay out of it, they insist. Yet the Supreme Court that decided Roe v. Wade was all male. More importantly, and more relevant to today’s political left, who is to say what is and isn’t male?


They’ve just spent that last couple of years insisting anyone, no matter the facts of biology, can be whatever gender they so choose, at any given moment. Not only that, but people can be both, neither, or some other made up option based on a whim. And, they continue, if everyone else doesn’t play along, immediately adjusting their attitude and the things they say (and how they say them through pronoun use, which includes made-up words), they can be destroyed.

Liberals insist, in spite of unrefuted evidence collected throughout all of human existence, that a man can become pregnant. (Read this exchange for an example of this.) What was irrefutable truth is now turned on its head?

Well, if women can be men and men can be women, then everyone is free to have a say in anything related to gender. If gender is a “social construct” and biology doesn’t matter, then everything is fair game.

Liberals don’t get to use different sets of rules depending upon what fight they’re trying to win – either states are free to supersede federal law or they are not. The concepts on which they’re simultaneously asserting and denying where the power to make such decisions lies is irrelevant. Of course, rational arguments only work when dealing with rational people, and there are no rational people left in the Democratic Party.


Derek is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.

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