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This Christmas season, many women have put ‘a good man’ at the top of their holiday wish list. In the spirit of peace, love, and joy, I want to share two pieces of dating advice, and this is the first: If you’re looking for a man, don’t date a guy who’s pro-abortion. The truth is that male anatomy does not make a male into a man—beliefs and actions do—and you won’t find anything manly about a guy who’s into abortion; just take Kaivan Shroff as an example.  


Shroff recently published a op-ed that should come with a trigger warning because the uncensored selfishness of it can nearly drain all Christmas cheer. It can be summed up into this one sentence: “I’m scared of what eliminating access to abortion would?mean for my own life.” And Shroff just keeps going.  

Shroff pats himself on the back for his accomplishments and states how he is not ready for a child as he wants to “eke out” and enjoy his twenties. He tells of his sexual exploits; how he is enough of a gentleman to “share the responsibility for birth control” (they say chivalry is dead!); and how he assumes that, were a pregnancy to ensue from a sexual encounter, the woman would just get an abortion, thus saving him from responsibility. Clearly, Shroff must have forgotten what they say about assuming because this article really makes him come off as an ass. 

But it’s not just Shroff—this is the reality of pro-abortion guys: they are masters at catfishing.  

Catfishing, the act of creating a false identity to lure someone into a relationship, is most widely recognized during online dating. Users of online dating apps, like Tinder or Bumble, can create a false persona—through photoshopping biceps or posting photos that were taken over ten years ago—to fake out a potential significant other. Women are typically very wary of catfishing when they use such apps and take precautions to check out a guy’s identity. 


However, pro-abortion guys catfish women slimier ways much harder to detect. They might hawk the “abortion is women’s empowerment” line, but that is only a guise for their true, selfish motives regarding abortion. After all, let’s consider who abortion really benefits.  

Abortion allows guys to treat women like inconsequential objects that can be played with and then thrown away. It allows guys to cast all responsibility on the woman to “get it taken care of” when she does become pregnant. It allows guys to continue living like selfish children through the abandonment of their sexual partners to an industry that kills their own children.  

Live Action recently produced an excellent video, documenting the many ways men use abortion to manipulate women.  Meanwhile, women are made dependents of the abortion industry. As they feel that they have no other options, most women hopelessly turn to the abortion industry again and again—and the abortion industry happily takes their money.  

The truth is pro-abortion guys love to hide on the empowerment bandwagon. Men have always been at the forefront of abortion starting with the landmark abortion case, Roe v. Wade, decided by seven males. Just as catfishes on dating apps hope to gain something by their fiction, pro-abortion guys do the same. By supporting abortion as “women’s rights,” pro-abortion guys receive both the right to responsibility-free sex and hero’s adulations by women who are blind to their virtue-signaling tactics.  


It may seem awkward to refer to all these pro-abortion males as “guys,” but do they really deserve the title of “men?” There is nothing manly or admirable about shirking responsibility and relying on abusive measures to use women’s bodies for personal enjoyment with the goal of walking away.  

History has shown us many good men who lived and died for others. In this Christmas season particularly, our thoughts are often on good men: on the good Son of Man who came to Earth to live perfectly and die selflessly; and on the good man, Joseph, who courageously took on a virgin’s miracle son as his own.  And personally, my thoughts are also with the good man I recently married—which leads to my second piece of dating advice: If you want a man, date a guy who is pro-life.  

Pro-life men are anchored in responsibility, love, and the protection of life. This means not only will they respect the life of your preborn child, they’ll also respect your life. Such beliefs make pro-life men decidedly reliable and loving husbands. Instead of throwing off responsibility, pro-life men embrace and nurture it.  

On that note, ‘tis the season for throwing off blindfolds and seeing pro-abortion catfishes for what they really are—and bah-humbug to them.  


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