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George Will’s Unhinged Anti-Trump Position

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After his recent passing, Charles Krauthammer was justifiably lauded as a leading commentator on public policy from the conservative point of view.   Some said he was the single-most important and intelligent conservative force since William F. Buckley.  While the praise for Dr. Krauthammer is well-deserved, I thought these comments were remiss by excluding George Will. Simultaneously, Will published a column that seems to display that his Trump Derangement Syndrome has caused him to suffer an apparent nervous breakdown telling people to vote for Democrats.


Mr. Will is justified in his thoughts about the (at times) choice of verbiage by our president.  It can be less than dignified or necessary.  There are some of us who can see our way through his undignified moments to revel in the benefits from his policy victories.

Certainly Mr. Will noticed the victory of a socialist in a primary election defeating a well-established Democrat.  If she were really extreme in her policy positions, then we could consider her victory an aberration.  Instead many of her positions may be extreme to you, Mr. Will, but have become mainstream in the party in which she chose to run to get elected.  In fact, her position of eliminating any control over our border by making U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) a villain and calling for its elimination immediately became a rallying cry for many Democrats.  Is that something you endorse, Mr. Will – open borders?

Or how about free college for all.  We are pouring too much of our national resources into colleges already and not getting enough return on the investment.  We have no coherent national plan for these expenditures.   Why do we transfer so much wealth to colleges and we cannot begin to fill the STEM- (engineers and scientists) related jobs we have resulting in the need to import people from other countries?  We have a dysfunctional funding system for colleges already and they want to flush more money down that toilet.  Are you supporting that, Mr. Will?


I know you are a thinking man and thus a supporter of one of our closest allies – Israel.  The young lady who won that primary is akin to electing Linda Sarsour when it comes to the issue of Israel.  It would be alright if her thoughts on this were off on a South Sea island, but they are becoming more ordinary with her Democratic friends.  I cannot believe you like that, Mr. Will.

Last time I checked, Mr. Will was a supporter of Second Amendment rights.  If his silly suggestion was abided to then you can look at further erosion of the rights dictated by the Democrats.  That is policy No. 3 right after abortion and the environment for almost every Dem. Hard to believe Mr. Will thought about that before writing his misguided column.

Do you want single-payer (government run healthcare) for our country, Mr. Will?  Maybe you don’t care about that because you get Medicare.  While I am soon to be covered by Medicare, I care.  The new call to arms for almost all Dems (check their websites) is either Medicaid or Medicare for all.  Ask our Veterans how government-run healthcare has been for them.   We just freed them to seek private care under the system; why would we want to put everybody else into a government-run system?

One of your complaints is that the Republicans have not exerted enough effort to oversee President Trump.  You must have missed the hearings where they tried to exert control over the Attorney General/FBI and have received no cooperation.  They beat up former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt pretty badly.   But do you think things would be different with the Dems in charge?  When we were dealing with issues on the border, the Republicans offered up legislation and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told the president to issue an executive order abnegating his constitutional obligations as a legislator.  If we put him and his team in control, the only thing they will do is have overwrought hearings that would keep the country in a dysfunctional state for two years.


The essential issue that you must have not focused on before generating your imprudent column has to do with judges.  Senator Schumer has already held up appointments of all kinds on a level never seen before in Senate history.  He has forestalled many qualified district and court of appeals appointments already.  What do you think Schumer would do if he were in the majority and another Supreme Court opening occurs in 2019?  Trump could pick King Solomon and Schumer and his gang would turn him down.

Mr. Will, I know you have delighted in the outcome of Trump’s court appointees.  Do you really think anyone could have done better for conservatives?  Trump is picking these judges while people you trust are suggesting these judges and Trump is relying on those people.  The Supreme Court decisions at the end of this past term must have brought you to the edge of delirium like it did me.

Mr. Will, we all make mistakes in what we write.  You have been writing weekly columns for a lot longer than I have.  If we looked back on some of the things we have written over the years we might both cringe.  

Mr. Will, the column you wrote suggesting we Republicans vote for Dems in 2018 is cringe-worthy.  There are always a few like Arthur Jones in Illinois we should not vote for, but please reconsider what you wrote and come to your senses.


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