Slippery & Confusing!

Posted: Sep 25, 2014 12:01 AM
Slippery & Confusing!

Apparently the justification for our bombing Syria is because that is where ISIS can be found.

ISIS, from my understanding and explained by both Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, is a well organized, well financed corporate structured entity with designs on reconfiguring the borders of the Middle East. These are the same borders, both Syria and Iraq, which were reconfigured after the First World War by two gentlemen from England and France, Sykes and Picot, respectively.

My confusion, based on Kerry and Hagel’s statements, is in the fact that as many public relations, computer, infrastructure and financial experts are being hired and recruited to ISIS as battlefield players.

The recruitment is going on all over the world including right here in the good old US of A.

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As I understand, the salaries make any other Middle Eastern wages pale in comparison. Given the unemployment rate of the youth of the world it would seem that they would be a fertile ground for enlistment.

Therefore, where is ISIS really located? Given the power of the computer and the internet battle plans can be designed from an apartment in Toronto. Banks, the money movement kind, can be done from a small storefront in Ottawa. Recruitment for ISIS, using the social media outlets, can be initiated from a brownstone in Vancouver.

If our justification and continued rationale for bombing a country without a declaration of war is simply because that is where ISIS is located then it would seem that if ever the above Canadian/ISIS relationship becomes true then the citizens north of the border better start looking above for the drones. Since the collateral damage done by the powers to be is irrelevant then let’s just go get ‘em and take the bad guys oot and aboot, eh!!

Since ISIS is, more than likely, located in several countries it could make for an exciting remainder of President Obama’s term.

Do you think Canada, or any other country, would push back once the bombs started falling?

A slippery slope, yes, a slippery slope indeed!

PS Word has it that there are ISIS operatives in Moscow – It may be time to look overhead Ruskies?


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