Losing the Middle East

Posted: Sep 15, 2012 12:01 AM

The so-called excuse was that German diplomat Ernst vom Rath had been assassinated in Paris, France on November 7th, 1938 by Herschel Grynszpan, a German-born Polish Jew. 

Shortly thereafter, on November 9th and 10th, a series of brutal and coordinated Nazi attacks were carried out on Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues. 

The decimation in Germany and Austria left the streets covered with broken glass, thus it became known as “Kristallnacht” or Night of Broken Glass. 

In total, 1,000 synagogues were burned, 7,000 businesses were damaged or destroyed, 30,000 people were arrested and sent to concentration camps, and 91 Jews were killed. 

It also marked the beginning of the Final Solution. 

As authorities looked the other way or gave token resistance, the biggest quandary for the U.S. media was how to respond. 

Even though they were enamored by the professed glamour of Nazism and its embracement by such luminaries as Charles Lindbergh, it became impossible to overlook the dreadful acts of violence that took place over the course of those two horrific nights. 

It’s very much like today, as the mainstream media finds itself in a similar situation. 

The Arab Spring, which was such a wildly applauded Obama foreign policy centerpiece has now become much more than just a fly in the ointment. 

The justification for anti-Americanism is a film that ostensibly offends the Muslims, yet such wannabe celebrities like Rachel Maddow of MSNBC are quick to point out that the U.S. has failed to teach our concept of freedom of speech. 

Is she actually saying that we got what we deserved? 

Once again, while authorities look the other way or give some degree of token resistance, it is becoming quite apparent that the attacks were not random, but rather very carefully planned.  Much like the 1930s, the general population has shown no outrage and no disgust regarding the actions of an alleged select few radical terrorists. 

In fact, the similarity to the 1930s in banking, finance, employment, and now violence, is strikingly alarming. 

To blame a population for the actions of its government or a few radicals is not right and it shouldn’t be tolerated whatsoever. 

However, when the same populace embraces those actions, not to speak out against them is just as despicable. 

The President, once again, treats world affairs as just a minor inconvenience.  However, politicians and academic professors should now be studying the manner in which Hitler used “Kristallnacht” as a launching pad because, more than likely, the Muslim Brotherhood has studied their history and intend to repeat the past.

P.S. - During the Arab Spring of early 2011, I reported that when former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was thrown under the bus by Obama, it could also be noted as the date when the Middle East was lost. 

Recent actions have done nothing to make me change my mind, but perhaps have persuaded others to see reality for what it is.