Help! The Constitution is Protecting Me!

Posted: Jan 11, 2012 12:01 AM

First, it’s the President of the United States. 

Then, it’s the mayor of Newark, NJ, and I suspect next it will be the First Lady. 

As America sleeps, yawns, or goes iPod shopping at the mall, the rights the Founding Fathers fought and died for and the principles that compelled my father to hit the beaches of Iwo Jima are rapidly being not just eroded, but dramatically taken away. 

Let me explain. 

Having studied the history of The Thousand Year War between Christians and Muslims, I can understand what drives extremists. 

I can also understand the Nazis of Germany and the Fascists of Italy, and I understand why they took the actions they did, even if I don’t sympathize. 

Do I agree with their actions?  Absolutely not.  Do I think their brutality was any less because I understood them?  No. 

However, based upon that analysis, I could be arrested and deported to Guantanamo Bay under the President’s new National Defense Authorization Act. 

Our laws of sedition and treason are perfectly clear. 

However, with bipartisan support, anyone who is merely suspected of being a sympathizer just had the Constitution taken away. 

To top it off,  the Second Amendment is now being indirectly trashed by the mayor of Newark, NJ. 

A bounty of $1,000 will be paid to anyone who anonymously reports their neighbor possesses a gun illegally. 

It sounds good, justified by the number of deaths in the city. 

However, two thoughts arise.  First, the bounty will be paid for an arrest, not a conviction. 

Given the amount of folks out of work, it would appear that a new job classification has been created, much like the Department of Homeland Security.  This could be called the “Turn in Thy Neighbor Department.” 

Two phone calls per week for one year could be very lucrative. 

Let’s see, that’s 104 calls at $1,000 per call = $104,000. 

Nice work! 

Odds are, someone will have an illegal gun, so the more you call the greater your chance at receiving the money. 

The second thought: With all the snitching, where does the money come from to pay the rewards in a broke city like Newark, NJ?  Not to mention the money needed to pay the police to support this absurd program. 

Finally, I’m sure the First Lady will jump on the bandwagon and offer financial rewards when it comes to turning people in for eating fast food more than once per week. 

Sure, it makes complete sense to hire a whole cadre of unemployed people to stake out every Burger King, McDonalds, and Taco Bell in order to look for repeat offenders.  Thank goodness the Obama administration is not only looking out for my well being, but is also highly concerned for the benefit of the unemployed by creating all these new jobs, at increased minimum wage of course! 

I already feel much safer from the terrorists, gun-toters, and the fans of fast food. 

The Constitution be damned!