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Back in 2012 at a town hall meeting, a woman asked me if I thought there were socialists in Congress. I replied by stating that there were some 75-80 socialist and communists in the US Congress. Well, that sent some folks into an apoplectic meltdown; however, it was the truth. At that time when one assessed the membership of the Congressional Progressive Caucus that assertion was pretty accurate. We must recognize that the reference "progressive" was just a slick renaming of European communists who sought to export their philosophy of governance, albeit a flawed one, to the United States.


Fast forward to today and there is no debate that progressives, socialists, Marxists, statists, and communists have but one goal in mind. It is the objective articulated by Barack Obama, America's first openly socialist president, in the final days of the 2008 election. He stated at a rally in Columbia, Missouri, "we are just five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

And now we clearly see what that transformation means--a redefining of the longest running Constitutional Republic that the world has ever known, borne out of a sheer, unequivocal, and maniacal hatred of this nation.

How else can one discern the abhorrent events of the past 16 months of the Biden administration, Obama's third term, and not recognize this?

Americans are worse off by every measure. The U.S. has gone from having a record strong economy where inflation was far below 2 percent to an anemic situation where inflation is well over 8 percent. And anyone of competence can realize that inflation is a hidden tax increase on all citizens, especially lower and middle-income levels. We have gone from being energy independent to once again begging OPEC nations to increase their oil production. Gasoline prices in America have reached epic highs, especially for diesel, which affects our ground transport systems in the supply chain. The left's war against American energy defies all imagination, until you realize that it is part of their hatred of America as they embrace the false god of green energy.


The left hates the foundational documents of America--the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They have cooked up this absurdity called the 1619 Project to redefine the birth of America, relating it to slavery. In their minds, America is and always shall be a racist nation. So, our children will no longer be taught our true history, but a leftist revision. The left hates the Constitution because it is a restraining document on the powers of the federal government. 

As we see with the leaked draft SCOTUS opinion regarding Roe v. Wade, the left has no respect for our governing institutions. For them, our unalienable rights do not emanate from a Creator God nor are they enshrined in the Bill of Rights. No, the left believes in ideological rights rooted in their agenda -- murdering unborn babies, same-sex marriage (another court decision, not a law), gender dysphoria (a black female SCOTUS nominee cannot tell us what a woman is), and climate change (they want to control the weather and want massive redistribution of wealth to do so).

Look at the violence and crime that is plaguing our streets. The left hates America so much that they release violent criminals back onto the streets. Millions of illegal immigrants are pouring into our country, bused and flown all over, because the left hates American sovereignty and has no concern for our safety. We are experiencing vandalism and attacks on churches and the introduction of the new "Brown Shirts" (Antifa), all part of leftist policies designed to create fear, threats, intimidation, coercion, and violence. 


The decisive moment is upon us if we wish to Live Free. As a combat commander, I explained to my soldiers that every day you either "get to fighting or get to dying." In this case, the fight is for the life of our America.

The recent sweeping of progressive socialist leftists off school boards is highly encouraging, but the fight wages on. No more can constitutional conservatives operate in a peak and valley type of existence. We must find a constant steady state of engagement, at all levels of governance. We must do as we say in the military, "embrace the suck," and see that the progressive socialist left hates America and Americans. They are delusional, deranged, and dangerous.

I do not hate them back; rather I feel pity upon them. As Mister T would say, "I pity da fool." But that pity does not translate into a willingness to surrender my Country to them. Let us endeavor to Live Free and secure that freedom for future generations -- "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead."

Steadfast and Loyal!

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