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Well, here we are in that last possible moment for healthcare reform under budget reconciliation. That simply means the GOP controlled Senate has until the end of this month, just a few days, to come to a consensus on a healthcare reform legislation that owns up to their promise. They had promised to repeal and replace Obamacare for, what, seven years or so? They had stated they just needed the House of Representatives…done. Then they decried, we need to have the US Senate…granted. Then they pleaded, please give us the White House…trifecta. And then Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said we had “excessive expectations”. That came from Senator McConnell while on August “recess”, something he promised wouldn’t happen if the GOP controlled Senate did not get its work done.

They have not.

And if this is supposedly part of the Trump agenda, you would not be able to tell from this past weekend. It appears that President Trump’s priorities are all about the NFL and the NBA, not pressing for a free market-based conservative solution to the known failures of Obamacare. President Trump continues to rail, rather simplistically, just send me something to sign, and everything to President Trump is a good bill. Well, that was at least what the House GOP thought until President Trump referred to their bill, which he had celebrated, as mean.

Through all of this, we see a relentless left of progressive socialists who are busy about creating chaos, violence, removing historical monuments and statues, and thumbing their nose at our rule of law. I just seem to wonder, who did win back on November 8th? It doesn’t seem that the GOP has won anything. Consider one Senator John McCain who has stated he will not vote for the Graham-Cassidy healthcare reform legislation. According to Senator McCain, he wants to see more, hmm, bipartisanship. Should I remind Senator McCain that after he so bungled his 2008 presidential election against Barack Obama, it was Obama who said, “I won”.

Why is it that the GOP has the trifecta of majorities in the White House, control of many a gubernatorial mansion and state legislatures and yet they are in full retreat? In contrast, the liberal progressive left has been pummeled at the ballot box and they are acting with a resolve and belligerence that is unheard of? I mean, let’s be honest, Republicans appear to be cowards when compared to these leftist socialists. Who else, after being soundly defeated would propose an absurdity like government-run healthcare, Medicare for all, like Bernie Sanders and his cohorts recently did. Ya gotta give it to them, that is truly gutsy.

Amazingly enough, Republicans are timid, reticent, recalcitrant, and just plain afraid to go toe to toe with the left. They run and hide because of the media and the collective aggregation of the cultural, academic, and entertainment elites when they should be on the full-scale attack, going on the offense. When I was in the military, we had a little saying, “why do you kick a man when he is down?”. The answer was simple, because he is close to your foot.

Can any of you imagine a Democrat controlled US Senate allowing for hearings against Barack Obama? Well, we do not have to ponder that question, the answer is of course Harry Reid didn’t. Yet we had GOP controlled Senate committee after committee holding these sham hearings about Russian collusion. Any of them that had cajones would have told the Democrats, the left, to pound sand, and then started hearings on Hillary Clinton and her uranium deal with the Russians.

Republicans have the left down but are too undisciplined and nervous about keeping them down, completely different from Obama and his ilk. Remember Obama saying the Republicans can get on in the back of the bus?

Even now with tax reform, we have Republicans, to include President Trump, using the language of the left. Why do we have Republicans in the majority if they just believe like the left and that we can only have “tax cuts” for the middle-income Americans? Who would have ever thought a Republican president would say that “the rich are not a priority”? Every American income earner is a priority when it comes to tax relief and economic growth. And why do we have Republicans speaking like leftists selecting winners and losers, and who holds the decision criteria as to who is a priority and who is not?

Perhaps this all comes down to a question of, does today’s Republican party want to fight for our constitutional conservative principles and values? What exactly is the philosophical core of the Republican party, the establishment? Are they just a lesser version of progressive socialists…just drop the socialist moniker? How does the today’s Republican party see the relationship between the institution of government and the individual American citizen, which one is sovereign?

By the end of this week, chances are the whole GOP promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare may have sailed. The window for budget reconciliation will have closed, and the entire year wasted. The Republican party was given Washington DC, and they are not only proving to be incapable of governing, but also incompetent, inept, and cowardly.

No, there will not be a return of Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer as House and Senate leaders…either the cowardly lions will find courage, doubtful, or the American people will find those who possess that vital quality.

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