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It’s been an eventful week at the intersection of parenting and politics, that busy corner where decision-making often is affected by the onslaught of traffic from social engineers, liberal educators, public health experts, and civil rights activists who know better than parents what’s best for their kids. ... more

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While MTV is notorious for pushing the envelope of good taste and decency in its program selection, few of its shows are as controversial as Jersey Shore. Ever since television viewers first encountered Snooki, The Situation and other cast members of the now-infamous show named after their home state, there’s been no lack of the kind of debauchery that’s become the hallmark of all MTV fare. ... more

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Democratic Governor Jerry Brown has a ticking time bomb on his desk: he must sign a recently passed bill by October 9th in order for it to become law. His signature, however, would set an explosive precedent: the bill allows children (even 12 year olds) to give valid consent--without their parent’s knowledge or permission--to receive vaccines that aim to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. ... more

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There is perhaps no greater certainty as a parent than the sure knowledge that over the course of your children’s young lives, you will spend hours with them in the waiting room of the pediatrician’s office or an urgent care center or the hospital emergency room. ... more