Robert Knight

Given the sheer volume of bizarre cultural shifts just in the last few weeks, it’s time for another “if I were the devil” column.

If I were Beelzebub, I’d work to destroy Western civilization because its chief religions, Christianity and Judaism, have a timeless book that reminds people of my existence. I’m most effective when working in the dark.

To this end, I’m working to do away with institutions that are in the way of my goal to destroy humanity. These pesky confederations include churches, observant temples, private groups and governments that support so-called traditional values such as honor, fidelity in marriage, strong families, personal responsibility, civic pride, charity and patriotism.

When these things are compromised, I move on to the game board’s next square – economic freedom, which I cannot abide and which cannot thrive without the virtues imparted by those irritating groups just mentioned. For a look at one of my greatest successes, take a walk through what used to be Detroit.

Once free enterprise is broken to the saddle of the state, I can throttle freedom of speech, religion and association, using some of the giant corporations spawned in the unprecedented liberty created by America’s system of constitutional rights, including private property.

In fact, I used some of those firms just the other day to induce the Boy Scouts of America to commit suicide, one of my prized outcomes. Under corporate donor pressure, the Scout leadership threw aside the common-sense rule preventing open expression of homosexuality. This pretty much did the trick in Canada. It may take a few years, but the Scouts in the U.S. are finished, believe me. If you like what you see in the inner cities among fatherless boys, you’ll thank me later.

For a look at where else I want to take the United States, let’s go to Great Britain, where much of America’s loathsome attachment to Christianity and individual liberty was birthed. Once-proud England is, thanks to my touch, a sea of churning resentments, entitlements, ethnic upheaval, crime and moral depravity. I hate to brag, but this is some of my best work.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.