Lincoln Brown

So the Senate by a 57-43 vote killed the secure borders amendment to the Immigration Reform. Excuse me, Compressive Immigration Reform. Harry Reid seems to find the idea laughable. But then the Gentleman from Nevada has always been shall we say…an interesting study.

The shadows cast by pillars of blanket amnesty and unsecured borders are getting longer as the national day wears on and the Twilight of the Republic sets in. 

But the prospect of terrorists slipping across the Rio Grande in the dark of the night, an unsustainable demand on social services as predicted by the Heritage Foundation, and the blasphemies of human trafficking and abuse that are part and parcel of the process of Illegal Immigration are only parts of the tragedy that is set to unfold. Even the picture of the young criminal with the picture of Barack Obama’s face surmounting the Capitol Dome tattooed on his abdomen; you know the one that is served up on the Drudge Report periodically, does not tell the entire story. 

What is being conveniently glossed over amid the chants of “Si si puede! “ and the president’s warning that Republicans should not block the bill is the fact that those people from the ranks of John Q. Public that are championing amnesty are so complicit in their own demolition.

Were I to have a chance to speak without interruption to these illegal immigrants, I would say to them this:

In all honesty, those championing amnesty and open borders in truth do not give a tinkers damn about your life, your families or your fate. Democrats want amnesty so that you will give them all of your votes. Republicans are championing immigration reform so they can have some of your votes: enough to stay alive at the very least.  Which leads me to a very important point: you don’t matter to them.

I know of what I speak, as many Townhall readers know I was raised a left wing Democrat and saw first-hand growing up that people of color, minorities, call them what you will, are given value by virtue of the fact that they are perceived to be downtrodden, helpless and in need of a Great White Father (or Mother) to shepherd them through life. It is a unique variety of contempt, but it is contempt nonetheless, made even more vicious by the fact that it is masked with the thin veneer of pseudo-compassion.

Lincoln Brown

Lincoln Brown is the Program Director at KVEL Radio in Vernal, Utah. He hosts “The Lincoln Brown Show” Mondays through Fridays from 8-9 AM.