Hugh Hewitt

When RNC Chairman Reince Presibus told me on air Wednesday that his team was getting ready for Hillary, the "news" went viral on the left in hurry.

(The complete transcript of my chat with the chairman is here, including my continuing pitch for Cleveland as the site of the 2016 RNC Convo.)

The Huffington Post story reporting on Preibus' matter-of-fact acknowledgment drew 3,000+ comments in 12 hours.

Talking Points Memo and Politico added coverage. Others will follow through the day.

There should be no surprise here, though of course it is great to be the first show on which the chairman acknowledged the obvious. Priebus and his team have learned from Team Obama that once you know whom the other side is going to nominate, hone and and define that candidate. Don't wait for Labor Day 2016 to run negative ads about Hillary. Run them now. Start as soon as you can. That means now.

That's what Axelrod, Stephanie Cutter et al did vis-a-vis Mitt Romney from early 2012 forward. And it worked, as Collision 2012 by the Washington Post's Dan Balz and The Center Holds Bloomberg's Jonathan Alter and others confirm. (My interview with Balz is here; with Alter here.)

Hugh Hewitt

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