POTUS Scolds SCOTUS, Justice Alito Has Joe Wilson Moment

Posted: Jan 27, 2010 11:32 PM
In an extremely inappropriate political stunt tonight, President Obama went out of his way to rip the recent Supreme Court decision regarding campaign finance regulation. 

Democrats stood to applaud the president and the Supreme Court remained seated, as usual.  However, Justice Samuel Alito was caught on camera visibly annoyed by Obama's stunt, shaking his head and appearing to mouth the words, "not true."

I think Obama's public scolding of the Supreme Court as they sat in front him was in very poor taste, extremely inappropriate and showed a disturbing display of Chicago-style intimidation being played-out between the branches of government. 

Update: Politifact confirms that Justice Alito's discontent is warranted and that President Obama wasn't being honest on this issue either.  Chalk up another Obama lie.
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