Was The Kavanaugh Clown Show Predicted By Bill Maher Who Warned That Me Too Was Drifting Towards 'MeCarthyism'?

Posted: Oct 10, 2018 2:45 PM

So, let’s recap what happened to Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. There were five allegations of sexual misconduct that were lobbed against him because Democrats are ruthless. These stories, which may or may not be true, were weaponized to derail a Supreme Court nomination. Two were automatically rejected. One was recanted, while the other was also summarily dismissed after a letter detailing a sexual abuse allegation was delivered to Sen. Cory Gardner’s (R-CO) office with no name or contact information.

Then, comes Christine Blasey Ford, whose account was most likely leaked to the press by Democrats, where she alleges that a drunken Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a high school party. Deborah Ramirez alleged Kavanaugh exposed himself at a party at Yale. Julie Swetnick alleged that Kavanaugh never attacked her, but that he was part of a gang rape ring in high school. Two anti-Trump lawyers, Debra Katz and Michael Avenatti, represented Ford and Swetnick respectively, though they act more like Democratic operatives. 

Even NBC News roundly rejected Swetnick’s claim, because, well, it’s total crap. She was a college-aged woman who hung out with high schoolers, saw all this debauchery, and continued to go to these parties (nine more times to be exact) and never told or warned anyone. Deborah Ramirez isn’t sure it was Kavanaugh at the party where her alleged incident happened. Ford can’t remember whose house the party was at, who organized it, how she got there, or who drove her home after her alleged run-in with Kavanaugh. 

There is no evidence to back up these claims. There are no corroborating witnesses. They’re shoddy accusations. And belief is not evidence. You can’t take this to court, nor can it be used to block a Supreme Court nominee. The FBI looked into these shoddy claims for a week. It came to the same conclusion. The New York Times refused to do stories on Ramirez and Swetnick because they couldn’t confirm anything. There’s your clue.

The Left says believe women. Yeah, I do. And most would if there’s evidence. There was none in this case. Sorry, in this country, with our justice system, you need to prove x, y, and z. You don’t get to dictate shortcuts because you don’t like someone politically, but that’s the Left for you. 

All of this insanity is just the maturation of something that Bill Maher alluded to in January. Yes, Maher is liberal. He’s no fan of Trump, but he’s fearless when it comes to smashing political correctness, telling fellow liberals how awful radical Islam is, and straight up taking his side to the woodshed when they act stupid. He’s down with Me Too, just not “MeCarthyism.”

He wasn’t referring to Kavanaugh, of course. But he was hitting on Sen. Kristen Gillibrand’s remarks, where she said, “When we start having to talk about the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault and unwanted groping, you are having the wrong conversation.”

“Something is way off when Senator Kirsten Gillibrand can go unchallenged,” said Maher. Overall, his closing comment could be applied to the circus that unfurled over this recent Supreme Court fight. Liberals think we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, this issue is defined by absolutes only, facts are discarded, and rational thought is cannibalized (via RCP):

"I'm down with #MeToo, I'm not down with #MeCarthyism," Maher began. "Something is way off when Senator Kirsten Gillibrand can go unchallenged.

"Can't we just be having an additional conversation?" Maher said to applause. "Can we only have one thought now?"


"But do liberals really want to be the 'distinction deniers?'" Maher asked.


"We are losing the thread of thinking," he said.

"The Declaration of Independence begins with 'we hold these truths to be self-evident.' Self-evident," Maher lectured.

Maher said this type of thinking is like comparing Mike Pence to Muslims throwing gays off the roofs of buildings. 

"Giving up the idea that even bad things have degrees. That is as dumb as embracing the idea of alternative facts," he said to applause. "I get it when Trump's side doesn't want to talk, he only knows 88 words. But we are supposed to be the conversation people -- justice requires weighing things. That's why Lady Justice is holding a scale and not a sawed-off shotgun."

"Senator Gillibrand went on to say, 'You need to draw a line in the sand and say none of it is okay.' Yes. Agreed. But we can't walk and chew gum anymore? We can't agree that groping and rape are both unacceptable and one is worse?" he said, again to applause.

"Apparently not, because when Matt Damon said, 'There's a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right?' liberal Twitter responded, 'No there isn't, Jason Bourne-yesterday.'"

It’s the root of it. Maher likes to rip Trump and the GOP, but a broken clock is right twice a day, and on this, it was some good insight into how Me Too could quickly come off the hinges, and it has. 

Yes, there are degrees of awfulness, and yes, justice requires weighing things, like evidence. After nine months, the maturation process reared its ugly head when the Left thought that allegations without evidence from any part of one’s life, even adolescence, could be used to clip them because they don’t like them very much. Out with due process and out with the American justice system if it means stopping Trump. 

This notion that we can take things at face value without weighing in on things and thinking about them has led to awful stories, like five girls falsely accusing a boy of sexual assault simply because they didn’t like him. But believe women means you have to support these girls if you’re a left-winger. 

This circus was a long time coming. The rejection of rationale is how you get hordes of mindless, stupid liberals clawing at the walls of the Supreme Court, who think that everyone is laughing a Kavanaugh’s alleged accusers. We may be laughing at all the protestors, who think if they yell and act like animals they can win elections. You may feel better, but life will go on. In reality, no one cares that you stormed the Supreme Court and made a bunch of noise. Nothing will come of it. Kavanaugh is still a Supreme Court Justice. Trump is still president. Republicans are still the dominant political force in the country. And you’re not. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, losers.