Lieberman Defends McCain

Matt Lewis
Posted: Sep 28, 2008 4:52 PM
I'm on a conference call with Sen. Joe Lieberman (yes, they decided to do this during the Redskins/Cowboys game...). 

Following are some of his comments today:
Senator McCain had the characteristic guts to come off the campaign trail last week to help put together the parties in Washington ...

I was with him on the day he came back, and his efforts were very important.  There was an ... outline of a possible agreement announced ... but there was never an agreement ... in which the House Republican Caucus had been involved.

I honestly don't think this would have happened in as timely a way if Senator McCain had not come back and been the bridge-builder he has always been ...

Earlier today, Obama referred to McCain's immediate response to the economic crisis as "Katrina-like".  Lieberman described that comment as "outrageously unfair" and "pure politics" ...