The Rev. Wright Clearly Believes in an Afterlife 'Cause He's Killin' Obama

Posted: Apr 28, 2008 1:55 PM

My, my goodness. The Moyers interview was bad enough, wherein he explained that Obama had to distance himself from Wright because he's a politician with a politician's audience to please, no matter what his actual beliefs are.

Today, the Rev. lays it on again, reiterating that sentiment at the National Press Club of all places. No self-aggrandizement there, huh?

Joe Klein thinks Wright has aspirations of being the next man who can stop entire U.S. cities in their tracks with fruitless racial demagoguery.

Hotline calls it just-plain preening, which I think may be more accurate. After all, the path to being the great racial sage of the black people doesn't seem likely to be the sinking of the first viable black candidate for president's campaign. Wright's just enjoying a moment in the sun and resentful enough of Obama for distancing himself that he's willing to take him down a few pegs. The other alternative is that Wright is out there reiterating his beliefs and his defense of them because he truly believes they should be sincerely defended, but it's awfully hard to square that humble goal with an appearance at the National Press Club, no?

What with this and Obama's declaration that Wright is a legitimate issue, things are just going swimmingly for us. Well, if you don't count the stats at the beginning of this piece.