RNC Outsources Phone Solicitation to DNC, Apparently

Posted: Jun 01, 2007 9:43 AM

Well, either that, or the WSJ editorial board is manning the phones.

You heard yesterday that the RNC canned its in-house phone bank employees, partly due to an estimated 40% drop in small donations. Whoever they outsourced the job to is not gonna get those numbers back up.

I happened to be at my friend Emily Dunham's house when the RNC called to see "at what level she was comfortable renewing her contribution." It went a little something like this.

Ring, Ring

Emily: "Hello?'

Caller: "Hi, ma'am, this is the Republican National Committee calling."

Emily (aside to me, with a big grin on her face): "It's the RNC."

Caller: "We're just calling to see at what level you'd be comfortable renewing your contribution. Would $75 be all right?"

Emily: "How about nothing?"

Caller: "Oh, why's that?"

Emily: "I'm not real happy with the immigration bill."

Caller: "Well, that's not Republicans. Just the President loves that immigration bill."

Emily: "The President is head of the Republican Party."

Caller: "Not for long."

Emily: "And, Republican senators are supporting the bill. Why would I give you guys money to get them re-elected?"

Caller: "That's ridiculous."

Emily: "Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna give you any money. You just called me ridiculous."

Feel the love. I guess that's what Emily gets for not wanting to do what's right for America, huh? Brilliant donor relations by the RNC.

Note: That's an edited transcript. There was a bit more argument about exactly who was supporting the bill that I didn't get, but all the quotes are accurate.

Update:  I search for eloquence, but Uncle Jimbo finds it.

Update: IMAO presents... the right way to conduct a solicitation call!