HamNation: Top 10 Rockin'est John Bolton Moments

Posted: Dec 08, 2006 3:28 PM

Update: YouTube is giving me many problems with this video for some reason, but I'm working on it. My apologies. I'm getting a "video not available" message for some reason. Hmmmm...

Well, because on this sad day, we have lost Jeane Kirkpatrick, let this stand as a tribute to all tough-minded, straight-talking ambassadors who would spank the U.N. into actually acting like a credible organization.

Thanks to Allah for two of the Bolton clips, which I couldn't find elsewhere. When I played it, the sound on No. 3 was a little low, but I'm hoping that was just for me. If it gives you trouble, I apologize, and here's the clip.

Farewell, Ambassador Bolton. You will be missed by those of us who don't much care for the U.N., and you should be missed by those who love it, if they have any wish for it to do the job it's supposed to do. Unfortunately, they don't know what's good for 'em. 

Thanks to Justin for the great editing, as usual.