George Allen Gets Endorsment of African-American Paper Over Webb

Posted: Oct 19, 2006 1:24 AM

This I know, for the CNN ticker tells me so.

Here's the editorial. It's written with, uhh, some flair, and a mind to what the tone and theme of this campaign has unfortunately become:

...the Democratic Party has always had a noose around Black folks’ necks.

Bishop Gerald O. Glenn of Chesterfield County also spoke out against race baiting, and this newspaper, always an independent thinker, is speaking out too.
We can’t live in the past forever, we must build new bridges and our first step across the bridge is to endorse Sen. George Allen, who is running for re-election. The past allows our slave masters to always tell us how to vote, and this newspaper is doing its part in breaking away from the slave shackles.

Sen. Allen’s record with the Black community may have started out blotchy, but we feel that he has learned the most about what is important to the Black community. We don’t have to justify our endorsement, but we want to tell our readers that a new breeze is blowing and you can either join it or stay shackled in the past.

Wow, the Voice is not so down with the groupthink the Dems have been trying so hard to enforce lately. Them and KP, fighting the good fight.

In case you're wondering about their track record, the Voice endorsed Democrat Tim Kaine over Kilgore for governor last year.

Meanwhile, Webb had this to say in the Post today:

"Towel-heads and rednecks -- of which I am one. If you write that word, please say that. I mean, I don't use that pejoratively, I use it defensively. Towel-heads and rednecks became the easy villains in so many movies out there." 

"Towel-heads?" It's on Page 3 of this Post story. I think that's what they call a buried lede. I'm eagerly waiting the 188 Post stories on this slur. You know, the one that doesn't require knowing a foreign language or finding three anonymous witnesses from 1972 to corroborate it. Yeah, I won't hold my breath, either. Yeesh, if you're gonna get your ire up about these things, I demand even-handed ire.

H/t on the "towel-heads" to reader Stoo. Thanks!