What the Devil?

Posted: Jun 06, 2006 7:28 AM

As a reporter, this kind of story was always fun to write simply for the looks you got from the people you interviewed.

The Washington Post has an entertaining round-up on the goings on in Washington on this spooky day-- 6/6/06-- and finds that they're not all that spooky:

To be sure, 666 was the most popular bet yesterday in the three-digit DC Lucky Numbers midday drawing. It often is, says Bob Hainey, chief of communications for the D.C. Lottery. "It's pretty popular all the time, because of Revelations, the Number of the Beast," he says. (The other popular numbers yesterday were 555, 222 and 777.) For today's drawings, 666 is sufficiently hot that Hainey expects it to sell out. Does that make the lottery the tool of Satan?

"We are the tool of gambling," says Hainey. "Even Satan can lose playing the lottery. If it comes up 660, we're taking his money. Or her money. Or whatever the angel Lucifer has transformed into. We don't discriminate."

Meanwhile, at Asylum, a bar in Adams Morgan, tonight there will be a "She-Devil Smackdown" featuring eight lovelies wrestling in red gelatin for a purse of $666. But that's about running a bar that worships rock-and-roll more than Satan per se, says John Andrade, the owner. It's also an evolution from previous events that featured applesauce wrestling to mark the start of autumn, and pumpkin puree wrestling to mark Thanksgiving. "Vegan jello is a lot easier to clean up," Andrade says.

Apart from that, there's not much writhing in eternal agony.

The number of people wishing to advertise their demonic connections by indelibly etching the mark of the beast on their skin is scant, an informal survey of area tattoo parlors from Fredericksburg to Arlington to Silver Spring indicates. "Not seeing no black dudes doing crazy [stuff] like this," reports Mo Johnson, manager of Off Da Hook II on Georgia Avenue NW in the District.