David Clarke to Reporter: 'F--- You and the Horse You Rode In On'

Posted: Sep 21, 2017 1:43 PM

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is enjoying the liberties that come with civilian life, it seems. 

After a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist sent Clarke a series of questions about the fact that he no longer has a 24-hour per day, taxpayer-funded security detail, the former sheriff didn’t mince words in his response. 

“Was this a wise use of taxpayer dollars?” Daniel Bice asked.

Clarke’s answer? “'F--- you and the horse you rode in on’ I’m David Clarke and I approve this message.”

The ardent supporter of President Trump began receiving security protection last year after receiving a number of death threats, which cost taxpayers more than $220,000 since January. Officials said last week he would no longer be receiving the protection.

Mr. Bice said he’s been covering Mr. Clarke since 2002 and has a “fun, if often strained, relationship” with the former sheriff, who abruptly resigned from his position last month to join the pro-Trump America First Action super PAC as a spokesman and senior adviser.

In another tweet, Mr. Bice included a screenshot from last year of an email from a member of Mr. Clarke’s staff offering the columnist an “extra-small” shirt bearing the sheriff’s silhouette.

“A message from the sheriff,” the email reportedly read. “He said he is getting you one of these T-shirts for Christmas and needs to know what size you wear. He said his guess would be extra-small but wants to make sure he gets the right size! And no tax dollars will be used! That should make you happy.”

Mr. Bice said he found Mr. Clarke’s humor amusing.

“I’ve been writing about him for 15 years. We know each other very well. I thought the email was funny,” he tweeted.

Mr. Bice said the former sheriff has blocked him on Twitter. (Washington Times)

Clarke responded to the story on Twitter Thursday morning, writing, “What’s it like 2 move from being a public official into civilian life? This DOPE reporter just found out. It’s great.”