Dana Loesch Torches Trump Mouth Piece Kayleigh McEnany

Posted: May 10, 2016 12:35 PM

As Trump supporters and surrogates revel in their presumptive nominee victory, they're demanding Republicans and conservatives get in line behind their candidate. 

Over the weekend, conservative and RedState contributor Ben Howe made an appearance on CNN with Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany to discuss the Never Trump movement and the continued fractures within the Republican Party. 

During the segment, McEnany said, "You are not a conservative if you do not support Donald Trump." 

That statement not only received a reaction from Howe on the panel, but from conservative radio host Dana Loesch, who pointed out on her show yesterday that she doesn't remember seeing McEnany on the front lines of tough political battles over the years. Loesch got involved in politics years ago at the local, grassroots level and co-founded the St. Louis Tea Party in 2009.  She now lives in Dallas.

Warning: Loesch doesn't hold back, nor should she. 

Despite McEnany's claims, conservatives did fight against John McCain and they still are. Conservatives did stand opposed to Mitt Romney, cap and trade, expansion of Medicaid in the states and much more. It was conservatives who brought a historic Republican victory to the House of Representatives in 2010, not an "elitist establishment."

I vividly remember the battles Loesch is referring to. In fact, while people like Loesch and Howe were out fighting for conservative principles against the unions in Wisconsin, exposing Republican frauds in tough congressional districts, fighting against Obamacare and as they were being targeting by the IRS and Lois Lerner, Donald Trump was fueling their progressive Democrat opposition. It was Trump, not conservatives, who gave money and backing to the establishment on the left and the right, including Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.

Conservatives have been doing the hard work and fighting tough battles for years and have the battle wounds to show for it.

"How dare she."