Krauthammer: If Obama Were a Republican, He'd Be Impeached By Now

Katie Pavlich

6/27/2014 9:15:00 AM - Katie Pavlich

Yesterday the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against President Obama's NLRB appointment power grab. Last night Charles Krathammer called Obama's disregard for separation of power, Congress and the constitution "arrogant," and suggested if he was a Republican, he'd be impeached by now.

"He doesn't care about the constitution," Krauthammer said. "He got really smacked down."

Krauthammer stressed that the NLRB decision by SCOTUS is important because it bleeds into other issues and backs up Speaker Boehner's lawsuit against the President for repeated government overreach.

"I think he [Obama] knows he's way beyond the bounds. No one can read this decision and not know this was a major abuse of power but I don't think he cares. He's in his second term, he's not running against, they will never impeach him," Krauthammer said. "There will be presidents after him and if he gets away with all of this overreach, creating laws, rewriting laws, ignoring laws it will be a terrible defeat for the country and for the rule of law. And I think that's the worst part of this, if this were a Republican he'd be impeached now over all of these abuses."