Enraging: TSA Gives 6-Year-Old "Pat Down"

Posted: Apr 12, 2011 10:39 AM
Warning: If you are a parent, this video will make you even more angry than the average person.

This video is unbelievable. Yes, TSA and Homeland Security believe that blonde 6-year-old children are exactly the kind of people blowing up airplanes and taking out flight attendants.

Parents teach their children not to allow strangers to touch them and for good reason. Now the government is forcing children to do the exact opposite: children must allow strangers in uniform to touch them wherever they feel necessary. The fact that this TSA agent ran her hands inside the pants of this little girl is appalling and is even more enraging when we know that these procedures aren't keeping anyone safe.  TSA has never stopped or detected anything, passengers paying attention to actions around them, have.