Return to Normalcy: Trump Up 12 Points in Texas

Posted: Nov 01, 2016 2:30 PM
Return to Normalcy: Trump Up 12 Points in Texas

All looked grim for the Trump campaign when earlier polls in October showed the GOP nominee only beating Hillary Clinton by a single point in the velvet red state of Texas. At the time, Trump was down in every major swing state and losing ground in reliably red states.

It seems Clinton’s misuse of a private email server has taken care of that.

A KTVT-CBS/Dixie Strategies poll released Tuesday shows Trump with a commanding 12-point lead over Clinton in the Lone Star State. If the momentum continues, he could easily perform the same (if not better) as Romney in 2012 when he won the state by a formidable 16 points over Obama.

Fifty-two percent of likely general election voters would pick Trump versus only 39 percent for Clinton, according to the newly released poll. The majority of the swing comes from independent and undecided voters.

Other states have followed the same shift in the aftermath of the new Clinton FBI investigation. Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has moved Arizona, Ohio, and Florida from “leans Democratic” to “Toss Up.”

Similar to Texas, Georgia was a red state that appeared within Clinton’s grasp in October. That competitiveness has also disappeared as a new SurveyUSA poll shows Trump with a seven point lead. The kicker: this Georgia poll was conducted before the FBI revelations.