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One of the flashpoints in the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election was a shocking scandal involving multiple sexual assaults in Loudoun County high schools -- which were lied about and covered up by officials who prioritized the demonization and persecution of parents for demanding accountability, including the father of one of the victims.  Rebecca recently took us down memory lane on some of the disgraceful responses to this story from progressives who were more invested in partisan narratives than the safety and well-being of children.  The New York Times, for instance, seemed to only have interest in the story through the lens of downplaying it as some right-wing right-wing fever dream that didn't really happen.  As damning updates and confirmations rolled in, their coverage has not been updated:


I'm not sure how a news organization can justify running that particular column with no follow-up, or especially a 'news' article portraying the firestorm as something of a ginned-up Fox News creation, given what has come out since.  Speaking of which, will anyone chase down Barack Obama for further comment, after he waved the whole thing off as a "phony" and "trumped-up" culture war?  He actually used the rape scandal as an occasion to attack Glenn Youngkin for noticing it and demanding answers and accountability.  This was a bad look at the time.  It's an even worse look in retrospect:

And what are these aforementioned developments, if (like the New York Times) you haven't been following them?  It's been blockbuster stuff that fully vindicates what critics were alleging from the start:


Two top officials of a Northern Virginia public school district were indicted Monday for their roles in the handling of a bathroom rape by a skirt-wearing boy after The Daily Wire revealed the apparent coverup last year, court documents unsealed Monday showed. Former Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler , who was fired last week, was indicted on three misdemeanor counts of false publication, conflict of interest-prohibited conduct, and penalizing an employee for court appearance. Spokesman Wayde Byard was indicted on a felony charge of perjury, court records show. A week ago, a special grand jury released a 91-page report that confirmed the findings of The Daily Wire’s October 2021 expose, determining that Ziegler told a “bald-faced lie” when he dismissed concerns about a proposed transgender policy by denying that there had ever been any bathroom sex assaults–despite knowing of the attack on a ninth-grade girl just a month earlier. The grand jury said Ziegler’s administration also concealed from the public and even the school board that the same boy went on to sexually assault another girl in a classroom, with school board members learning about it from a report in The Daily Wire. The grand jury findings painted a devastating picture and showed that “throughout this ordeal LCPS administrators were looking out for their own interests instead of the best interests of LCPS.”


Following a devastating grand jury investigation -- conducted at the behest of Gov. Youngkin -- the school system's Superintendent was fired.  He and another top official now face criminal indictments stemming from their respective roles in the cover-up.  Not so, "phony," huh?  Daily Wire reporter Luke Rosiak has been the journalist most responsible for bringing this outrage to light.  He joined my radio show yesterday and summarized where things stand:

Rosiak suggests that if Terry McAuliffe had won that 2021 race, there's a good chance this whole issue would have been swept under the rug.  He might be right.  So I ask again: Care to revise your comments, President Obama?  Or your coverage, New York Times?  I won't hold my breath.  And while we're on the subject of shameless media memory-holing and self-unaware double standards, I'll leave you with this.  Just incredible:

Same paper, by the way: 


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