Becoming a Bond Girl

Posted: Sep 29, 2011 8:00 AM

For one California girl, becoming a real Bond girl is personal.


From Townhall Magazine's EXCLUSIVE October Townhall of Fame feature "Becoming a Bond Girl":

The James Bond movie series wouldn't be complete without a sexy Bond girl, but jumping out of planes, flying helicopters and shooting 9 mm guns aren't reserved for just Hollywood movies anymore.

For California girl Jessica Ross, becoming a real-life Bond girl is personal.

Four years ago, Ross was working in the marketing and advertising industry. During a trip to Hawaii, she was kidnapped by people working for an international sex trafficking ring, raped and severely beaten.

"In about 24 hours, I was left for dead on the side of the road. I had no chest left," Ross tells Townhall.

During painful court proceedings and while under surveillance, Ross was able to tie into a network of people from agencies like the FBI and Secret Service who became her family, and she's been able to turn her horrific experience into something positive by empowering other women through founding what is now known as the Bond Girl Bootcamp. ...

Bond Girl Bootcamp's Web site describes the program as "a 360[-]degree hardcore experience where you'll gain talents and confidence that will blow your boyfriend's mind and skills that could blow his head off." It continues: "Adrenaline pumping adventure, tactical training and raw emotion are just a taste of what you'll get before lunch. Should you choose to accept your mission, you'll train under the direction of special ops instructors, world class linguists, high[-]speed stunt drivers, shoot-to-kill marksmen and avant[-]garde burlesque performers. We're not here to baby anyone, and we don't charge extra for the bruises."

Ross founded Bond Girl to help women learn they don't have to be victims. ...

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