More on the "Change" radical left wing liberals want for the use of standard college entrance exams

Posted: Feb 12, 2009 4:24 PM

As Ericka noted this morning, an effort is underfoot to dramatically change college admissions so they become more, err, fair.

"Standardized testing has historically been the one of the best ways to evaluate students for college admission. But the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) recently released an arguably negative analysis on the use of standardized tests, such as the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). The results of the study may have been hastily interpreted by media outlets like the New York Times -- ready to proclaim a bias against minorities in these types of tests.

Having a debate on the issues is fine but the NACAC does an injustice by relying on a politically motivated organization for “facts”

Of course, "fairness" is merely the cover. The real goal is quite different, as is evidenced by CNSNews' reporting that George Soros and Bill Ayers are helping bankroll the effort. Over at RedState, Erick Erickson calls it an "attempt to destroy academics," and goes on to add:

The "Fair Test" isn't really a test at all. It's a movement to scrap standardized tests for college admissions standards because the    left is convinced they discriminate. In fact, under the "Fair Test", the left doesn't even really want colleges to look at a student's grade point average.


The left has so bought in to the notion that standardized tests discriminate against preferred groups, they need a new end-run around the growing effort to get rid of race-based preferential admissions policies.

Given how entrenched the Fair Test movement is in the Democrat Party, watch for Congress to start whittling away at standardized tests for college admissions in favor of a more "holistic" approach.

A few points to note ...

1. Is it just me, or is it the case that every time we closely examine something scurrilous the left is attempting to keep hidden ... we find George Soros behind it??

2.  This strikes me as a long-term, a full-on assault on the very foundations that helped this country become a great nation.  If anyone ever questioned the left's commitment to dismantling our educational from top to bottom, they need look no further than this stealth effort to change the college admissions process...