Reid: I "Never Said a Word" About Those Obamacare Horror Stories Being Lies

Daniel Doherty

3/27/2014 3:00:00 PM - Daniel Doherty

Yes, he did. As Guy wrote last month, Reid argued that every single person who ever claimed Obamacare had negatively impacted them -- or their families -- were liars and frauds. He blamed many of their “tales” on false advertisements advanced by -- surprise! -- the “Koch brothers,” conservative billionaires who were trying to “buy America.” Here is the video:

“There’s plenty of horror stories being told, all of them untrue. But they’re being told all over America.”

And yet just yesterday Reid denied ever making those claims (skip ahead to the 39 second mark)

“Mr. President, the junior senator from Wyoming has come to the floor several times recently talking about the fact that examples that he and other Republicans have given dealing with Obamacare -- examples that they think are bad -- I’ve called lies. Mr. President, that is simply untrue. I have never come to the floor to my recollection and never said a word about any of the examples that Republicans have given regarding Obamacare and how it’s not very good.

I’ll leave you with this:

Or suffering from amnesia. Either way, his assurances that he never called every Obamacare horror story "untrue" is demonstrably false.